Volume 2 · Number 2 · April 1982

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EditorialPage 1
Using 2732s on the Nascom 2Page 2
The Poor Man’s DiscPage 5
The Nas-Sys MonitorsPage 7
Eprom Programmer/​Reader/​CheckerPage 12
Planning a ProgramPage 20
Expanding the Nascom 1 KeyboardPage 27
Nas-Sys MonitorsPage 27
64K RAM on the RAM-B BoardPage 30
Coordinate LifePage 34


I intend to use this issue’s editorial for another plea for material. We can only continue to publish the magazine if we get enough articles to fill our pages, so please dig out some contribution and send it in.

In the reader replies on the back of the subscription forms the two main requests were for programs and reviews of hardware. So if you have added some interesting goodies to your system and are prepared to write a short article about them, or if you have an interesting program you would like to see published, then we shall be particularly interested to hear from you.

Remember, it is no use waiting for someone else to write articles if you are not prepared to contribute yourself. The magazine is written for enthusiasts, by enthusiasts, and it will only continue to exist with your enthusiastic support.

FOR SALE Teletype 33. All manuals and diagrams
Full working order. All leads and Sittings for NAS­COM2
No punch. £80.

Ring Alf Want Evenings Maldon (____) _____
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