Volume 2, Number 3 – July 1982

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MICROPOWERVolume 2, No. 3July, 1982


EditorialPage 1
The French ConnectionPage 2
PolyDosPage 6
Snowdinger 2Page 8
An Introduction to CP/MPage 13
16K CMOS Memory ExtensionPage 17
Nas-Sys MonitorsPage 22
Screen ReversePage 27
OthelloPage 29
Co-ordinate LifePage 32
Letters & Private Ads.Page 36


First, an apology for the late appearance of this issue. It should have had JUNE ’82 on the front cover but, as it is JULY already, this wouldn’t have been very accurate. Slapped wrist. Must try harder.

The second point I’d like to make is about our circulation level. We are doing very well at the moment but, ever ambitious, we would like to do better. If you have ever considered getting a subscription to MicroPower, now is the time to act. A subscription actually works out cheaper than buying the issues individually and it also means that you are guaranteed a copy of each issue. To assure you that the quality of the magazine won’t be deteriorating in the future, articles that will definitely be appearing in the next couple of issues are reviews of the Hobbit cassette system, the 32K Cmos, battery-backed RAM card and the 64K RAM card with PCG. Hardware mods that we have include one to add 32K of paged EPROM to the N2 main board. We also have a selection of short programs and helpful hints that we hope to publish.

Final plea: we still need more articles, letters and comments to help us keep the magazine going. We are rapidly running dry of ideas to fill the magazine. If YOU send us a decent amount of stuff in the next couple of weeks (and ever after) it means that I won’t have to plead with you in the next editorial. We do pay you for everything that we publish you know.

Happy Reading IJC

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