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January–March 1987, Volume 1, Issue 1

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2) = Shut-down after 1 off. No new logon is allowed, and shut-di occurs when the 1 Loge-off. If a print epool file Le in progres Chis will be aborted and spooling of that file will commence again, from the beginning, the next time the network ie run.

3) – Shut-down after last log-off and end of spool file. No new log-on is allowed. “spooling ‘continues. When the Last user hae logged off the file that is being spooled at that time ie completed, and then Server operation is” aboreed

4) – Shut-down after last Log-off and last spool-file. No new log-on is alloued” ‘spooling continues” Wien the Iast user has logged off ALL spool files are printed, and then the Server operation is aborted

5) = Ignore this shut-down request, and return to normal Server operation.

As soon as the first <ESC> Ctrl C is hit, all NEW logons will be refused, but NDOS Function 41 (User Logon) will be honoured to allow user area change: Providing the station is already Logged on.

he Broadcast 1 set

Once @ Closedoun option 2-4 has been selected, an auto iv about to clow

1 logged in Seatione, intorming th

“ston the Logon diepl ‘Gelved the broadcast” ‘This tutouatic 7 NGgsc> Ctrl C’ to restore the Closedown menu, and then Fe option.

Display Directory Space Ths shows the number of directory entries free on the Server drives.

DOs calls New Function calls have been added for use from Workstations and Superstations:

Function $1

Return Free Space on Server Drives Funcelon 32 B

Return Count of Free Directory Entries on Server Drives

Function 33 _ Return HultiNet Station Logon Vector Function 34 = Return Spool Queue Length

Function 55 – is Reserved for internal use by NDOS Function 56 – is Reserved for internal are by NDOS Function 37 – Return Current User Logon Number

NETWORK BROADCAST Both Superstations and Workstations eive Brosdcast messages These vill appear in the top three lines of the screen displey, and all operation will be helted until the message is acknowledged by pressing the <ESC> key twic

PAsswoRDs When a user responds to a request to enter a Pi makes is no longer displayed on the screen

word, the entry that the user

Hew Ueiiiete

seraoot This is equivalent to the standard Gemini disk based CONFIG program, and it be used to see various user options in the Workstation boot file, such a decaule List device, serial port parameters (baud rate, data Bits ete},

cu ‘This utility may de used to display variou the network. Options include: Space vei directory entries available. Current usera on the system. the print spool queue Current and original user number and station umber

Mart This utility allows messages or files to be sent by any user to a ‘postbox’ for receipe by another specified user. Tr also allows that user to fecelve any items ‘that are in che “postbox” addressed ‘co him.

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