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January–March 1987 – Volume 1. Issue 1

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Letters to the Editor


Scorpio News readers may be interested in a current Mirage-driven project. This is called PPPP. Tt Lo not s sign of incontinence but stands for Pascal Program Porting Project and is aimed at those who have written marketable programs in extended Pascale (SVS, Tucbo, HT+ or UCSD for example) and who would ike & larger market by porting to Mirage via its excellent $vifte-Pascal compilet

Straightforward code presents no porting problem tos multi-user environment and

aly the file-handiing rourines need to be re-writven to uae either Mirage’s

Locke Manager or the TRAP ISAM file processor. Ported programs may either be ed by their authors of by Sahara Software togecher with Harston Spurrier.

include the port of the Omnis 3 database manager ind two CAD packages, Tt would be very interesting Which used the Pluto boards eo the Challenger using ‘Anyway, T would consider most thin ‘terminal on my Gemini Challenger syst

London SYii.

Mick Spurrier, Marston Spurrier, 10 Ransome’s Dock, Parkgate Ro


Bd. – This letter was received by 40-BUS News after its imminent denise had a announced. It was passed to David Hunt to write s reply. At the tine

David was running the Computer Section of Henry’s Radio, a London based Gemini 7

and Nascom deaier. Both the original Lotter and reply are now published her:

9th April 1986 Shirley Solihull West Midlands

whieh UE Mascon Reweletter. Looking back a y funer occasion, it is possible to state chat all the 80-305 adherents aust have fchieved a great Leap forward in their knowledge and experience a1 the result of Gur ‘contact, and chat the nation ae a whole must have benefited, both ‘economically ‘and educationally

Where these benefits to the individual and the syst in having encouraged exposure to machine code and electronics, vith the result that many enthusiasts Rave gone on to develop there interests on ocher Computers, from ‘micros’ right up to mainframes.

jcom originally stood in the almost unique position in offering « fairly ‘ented and eninently communicable board to the unskilled public: the pity cits original high cost never came down with the reduction in chip which encouraged other bourd producers co ‘hike-up’ their prices, and cthe original board nor ite add-ons ever ad organived ULAS, of with the additional lines n

ined previously, in for a simple board vith 60 colunn display but otherwise software compatible (with the Wascom?? – Ed), T would Like to say again (and obviously for the last time): our [Nascom customers") investment in Nascom and Gemini products now stands at somevhere around £4,000,000 (original boerds, add-ons, disk drives, Software and firnware); it is a tragedy that auch of this investment will go to

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