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April–June 1987, Volume 1, Issue 2

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NASTUG Expands Beyond Nascom by P.A. Greenhalgh

(or perhaps cam Thames Valley User Group ond te

purely Nascom, the type of equip Hing over the years, although the original

Ge*nastug. NasTeg, sd several years Covered by the Same has fennined. the club should mow “concentrate on operating aya NS-DOS, eve rather than a particule hardware syecem Remberstip whilst retaining the original enthueiastic spirit of the NasTOE concept”

NgsTug used to have frequent “formal* nights, when a guest speaker would talk on a specific copic for a short time, prior to the evening taking on its normal form of chatting, drinking, exchaiging newe, views, tips and hints, drinking, chatting some more, and drinking. Speakers included at various times were: Hike Rothery from HAP, myself on a couple of occasions, Dave Hunt, and Richard Beal.

The Group then went into # sort of Limbo. It still met regularly, but it was just for the chatting, drinking, ‘ete. sm hae resulted dnelection of a nev committee and re-formalisation, 50,

The Crown & Treaty (Pub), ______ ____, Uxbridge. 2nd and sth Thursdays of ‘each calendar month. Normally 2nd Thureday will be # “formal” event. @ pa.-Lsh to 11 pam-ich

£10” per annum including User Group letters Visifora/guesta {2 per visit

By the time you are reading this recent speakers will have been Gemini on the Challenger and Chris Southern on the Atari 1040ST. Coming attractions are: Chris Mower demonstrating the Xerox Venture Desk-Top Publishing Software on April Sth. Also soon: Andy Hay talking about the Pick operating systei

Demonstration and # talk by PD-SIG(UK) (Public Domain Software Interest Group).

I went along to the Gemini talk on the 68000 based Challenger system The presentation was given by Barrie Oliver, fron the Sales Department, and Travis Benton, from the Technical Department. Barrie did most of the prece uneortunately he dig not

hit audience, and not ev Challenger was outlined at any stage. The talk difficulties Of selling s product such as the Challenger into a natket doainates by IBM c its clones, and yet did not explain where people may benefit from having a haf denger instead of an TBM or Clone “Barrie went on to say that he was optimistic ther over the next fev months sales could Climb to 10 per month.

the jemed to concentrate on the

Throughout the talk an impressive graphics demonstration program vas Left Funning, implying ‘that the aachine hae a lot of potential in graphics acess, but ho application packages were shows, either graphics or otherwise. The mecting was ‘cold that both 2D and 3D graphics packages were being ported onto the uchine, and the audience’s appetite was sufficiently whetted for a number of then to ask for an opportunity to soe the Challenger with graphics again at a Future date, once the graphice applications software can be denonsteated.

ALL interesting stuff So, if you Live within « reasonable distance of Uxbridge why not give Nastug a go? One guy Likes it so much he travels from Chelmsford!

(Note co Nactug you subscribe to

smbers. OK, you’ve had s good plug. At the moment only 2 of ‘opposed to Zead) Scorpio Mews. – why not now make it 227)

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