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April–June 1987 – Volume 1. Issue 2.

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Letters to the Editor

Attention MultiNet User

Dear sir,

I would like to make contact with fellow subscribers of Scorpio News who use a Gemini MultiNet System, so we can exchange newe, views, ideas and problems.

To encourage you to contact me, if you send me a formatted QDDS disk and return postage, I will give you corrected version of NSWEEP207 that will run on MultiNet 2.4. Furthermore, it will copy to all 32 CP/M user numbers, has more facilities than NETSWEEP and is half its size (12K).

I hope soon to have a version working DIRECTLY with the 96 MultiNet user numbers!

Yours sincerely, John S. Radley. __ _______ ____, West Ealing, London, ___ ___.

Wrong Computer?

Dear sir,

You may be interested to know that over the years I have only missed out on about 5 of the very first Nascom mags. I am grateful for the hints and information from Dave, Paul and Chris (not forgetting the many other contributors) and would like to thank them for their efforts.

I hope hat Scorpio News will continue to maintain the standards which I’m sure host readers prefer. I personally feel that the a unique way of presenting. itself as a source of information without ‘Talking Down’ to its less knowledgeable readers. It would be a pity to see it turn into the usual 2 pages of info and 52 pages of adverts!

I have no ambitions to join this computer ‘Professionals’ but I have learned a great deal since buying my old Nascom 2 in 1978. Unfortunately the Nascom has now gone, but I intend to subscribe to Scorpio News for at least one more year if only to read the items of general interest.

I now possess a CBM 128 which suits my circumstances reasonably well but might have done better if its firmware writers had read more 80-BUS mags!!! I was thinking of trying to re-write Nas-Sys in 6502 code but that’s another story.

Once again my thanks to the people who have contributed to the Nascom mags so far I hope you don’t mind a CBM user reading your efforts.

Yours faithfully, Charles Tame, Nuneaton, Warks.

More on Benchmarks

The Editor,

You may be interested in the following benchmarks on some workstations I use at work.

Whitechapel MG1 (32032 Xenix) – 13.4 sec –> 2500.0000

DEC VAX (11/780 + F.P. Unit)     –       4.5 sec –> 2500.0000

Yours sincerely, R. Mohammed, Glasgow.

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