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July–September 1987 – Volume 1. Issue 3

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Doctor Dark’s Diary – Episode 26 Gampen, alias GM519/520/521

This article, and the last one, come to you courtesy of Gempen, which i version of Diskpen specially adapted to make use of those features of the Gemini Guei2 IVC video board that make {t so much better than « Mascom 1 display, for Instance, “It alo works rather well with a GMeS2 SVC, and 1 find it ideal for writing these articles.

Te den’e Vordscar,

SIDR cd Weanling ping HEE reerag, Gag? ce ey ter artztaz aig fore cena Pa HME nh Sa recede eaten come SS gtetlen ent EL at ot

some tae mT fate ee

he kind of nglish real people understand, and Ls fed to note thae not onty does it tell you how to ey printing with a weitable printer, but there Le how 20” gat your eeat back Af) Jou, sectdentetiy without saving. ^T bet the Wordster


I could 11st all the commands the program uses, but it vould be a wasre of ‘apace. It does all the obvious things Like inputting, deleting, search and Feplace, read from disk, that you would expect, with commands that almost all Use the most obvious siagle letter of the alphabet. Why do control KQ, when you can dove nice simple g? Tf you need « simple effective text editor, buy thie one.

Moofe C – is 4t all wet?

Sorry about the heading, I tried to resist the temptation, but failed There me to be a habse among the authore of C books and manuals to include odd Hinge and quotes from Lewis Carroll’ at mention che These people have corrupted m BASIcr Me Dijketras ^Z baven’e touched eny in age

Anyway, HLaofe cre, de " 1y fast c compl aadiiaes, and is also available for ‘those machines in plastic . “had no ides that people who bought. tho want ‘to write programe on them, let clone in C, but et it pass. c+ is tupples couplers sfzh she exceltene program editor that t nentfoned in che Lest so that ie is eaey to create ant edit your source code, with no tisk of farting A© wotd-weapped by accident.” (an anide on editors, friend of mine aa” godd mel about the igteat tena. the folding aditos, (Don’t panic, Hult Tin talking about text editors.) applied by Zamor, with chair Sccam development ‘system, ine ipaper” sn thie editor can be *folded* co thac you can ts of the file on screen at once: Much better than having to of the fode, T would imagine. “And systems, sither, oven 1c they ave 40) ucey up end write one, somebody. Preferably Wisofe.)

‘trick, which T doubt.

compiler rune fast, as is

using s certain other tira’ ‘office sirius wi

overnight Job, bur this one

‘changing #1 Flies are catered for by Crt, and tl ceibes iteelf ae ‘large and comprehensive’, with “numerous easy worked examples of C and a complete guide to the language. This, I think, 1 optimistic. The manual Le excellent, bur trying to learn « language from the manual ie not the best way of doing it. Doee anyone remember the Mascom BASIC manual? 50 T read vome books...

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