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July–September 1987 – Volume 1. Issue 3.

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to go with this lot. Offers in the region of not a lot, to the usual address, please. This one is a real challenge!

Keep IBM stuff out, says Doctor Dark

Or I will start writing about the Iotec Ions, as soon as I manage to get it going, and bore you all to bits. Seriously, it is my opinion that anyone wanting to read magazines about Itty Bitty Machines will find dozens of colourful comics in their newsagent’s shop. Besides, Lawrence the long haired weirdo and his mate Headcrash might come and sort you out…

Gemini Maintenance Memorandum

Gemini have relatively recently started releasing what they call “Maintenance Memoranda” to their dealers. Reproduced below is one that may be of interest to various Scorpio News readers. If you have any further queries as a result of this, contact a Gemini dealer.

Issue 4, 26/02/87, Ref: Disk drive/​Controller card/​Software compatibility

Every effort has been made to make all releases of software to be compatible with existing products. The following is a guide to the hardware/​software restrictions.

All SIMON or RP/M EPROMs will operate correctly with all FDC cards provided that a floppy only system is used, but because of the difference in side change on the WD2793 FDC chip BIOS 3.4 or greater must be used if a double sided drive and GM849(A) is in the system.

FDC CardSIMON VersionBIOS Version
GM809 3.1 or later3.2 or earlier
GM829 3.1 or later3.2 or later
GM8493.3 or later3.4 or later
GM849A4.2 or later3.5 or later

Miniscribe M3213 end M3425 Winchester Disk Drives

When replacing a Rodime with a Miniscribe Winchester drive a Miniscribe FORMWIN.COM is required, together with GENSYS.COM Version 1.2 or later. Please note that the reference to a Winchester type in the SYSTEMx.CFG files should be changed from R020x to either M3212 for s 10MB or M3425 for a 20MB.


Version 0.7 or greater is required for a GM849A controller card and version 1.0 or later if an Adaptec 4000 controller card is used instead of the Xebec.

NEC D5126 20MB Winchester Drive

These drives will be available shortly end are software compatible to the Minisceibe M3425 20MB provided that a Xebec S1410A controller card with Revision F firmware is used. A NEC D5126 FORMWIN.COM must be used to format the Winchester (Version 0.7 or later if Xebec/​GM849A combination) or Version 1.0 or later for an Adaptec controller card.

Adaptec ACB-4000A Winchester Controller Card.

Certain 80-BUS systems manufactured after 1st March 1987 may use the Adaptec Controller Card. Please note that this may only be used providing the following are in the systen: GM849A, SIMON 4.4 or later, BIOS 3.6 or later and FORMWIN.COM 1.6 or later.

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