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July–September 1987, Volume 1, Issue 3

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Gemini Maintenance Memorandum

Gemini have relatively recently started releasing what they call “Maintenance Somoranda’ to their desler: Kopeodaced below is fos that acy be of interere co Warious Scorpio News readers, Tf you have any further queries av a result OF ths, “contact a Gemini dealer,

ler card,

of software to guide to the


Every effort has b with extecing pr Teetcdetions-n made to make #11 reli juts, The following 1

compatible software

ALL SIMON or RP/M EPROM® will operat Fc cards provided that 4 floppy only system ie used, but because of che difference in side change on the wbz793 Foc chip BIOs 3.4 or greater must be aed if’a double aided drive and GuBs9(A) 10 in the system.

0G card STMom Version 3108 Version xs08 3. or later 32 or earlier cusz9 32 or later 3:2 ox later Hees 33 or later 34 oF later GMBAoA 42 oF later 33 oF 1

Mintecribe M3223 and M3425 Winchester Disk Drives

When reptactn, omvin Con

Changed from RO2Or co either MS2i2 for # 10KB or Mst2S for © 20M

9A controller card and version 1.0

Version 0,7 or greater is required for » ie’used inetead of the Xebec.

oF later if an Adaptec 4000 controller ca

Mac 05126 20MB Winchester Drive

‘These drives vill be available shortly and are software compatible to the sribe H3425 20MB provided that a Xebec S1410A controller card with Revision

Adaptec ACB-4000A Winchester Controller Card.

Certain 60-05 sys anufactured after 1st March 1987 may ure the Adaptec Controller Card.” Please nove that this may only be used providing the following fare dn the system: GM849A, SIMON 4.4 of later, BIOS 3.6 or later and FORMWIN.COM 1.0 of Later.

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