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July–September 1987, Volume 1, Issue 3

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“because the 28000 and the 60000 had just ‘engines would fit the Dill quite neatly. Nobody could foresee that the former would come to grief and that it would be another ten years before the latter would be anywhere near general. acceptance. No matter, one could make do with the less than ideal Z80 in the meantime. AS entirely different matter war, of course, where to get the money to purchase the equipment. required.

‘The solution was # painful one but it had to be taken. who was conscious in the ‘sixties Jaap Creutzberg had # 1a pechape a dit larger then most. He struck up # partne Spirit, Nigel Scott, who, in July 1979, pooled his equally large record collection and proceeded to sell them off in the street markets of Southera id. under the banner “OFF Recor

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y Hendrix they were ‘They bad arrived!

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jqueezed between the piles of record: signed up by one Ken Jones ae official

Soon aftervardy Lucas took on the Nascom but it bect OFF Records had to be able to Gemini welconed the partnership ‘s member of that exclusive club, MicroValue, until then known ae the Gang of Six. Despite the name “OFF Records” neither’ the Gang nor Gemini knew that chey had « muric business in their midst: witness one of the Joint ade which began ‘We are Ii cameras and wa don’t sell records,” The ae MAY Feuponded by buying vast quantities of to Lend enough money C0 buy a three

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that a new offic mainly with the contuitency #10 which shoved ee still houses the workehope bur rhe shop ce

Shop which hae been rebuilt to provide twice its former retail are!

OFF Records continues to support and market 80-BUS equips successfully and agrees with Gemini’s MD that there appeara to be several years life left in the old za0 despite the onslaught of the clone market, certainly ‘enough life to form a bridge to the inevitable dominance of $8000 based 6} Fortunately, projects involving the Challenger have turned out to be #0 1a that relatively few tales ce sufficient income co support chis supers systen tic fane of both BOS software and rt

y the La ‘applications andi ‘atard

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Te hay taken ten yeare but dt w

Like 211 deslere, OFF Records 18 the beneficiary of the close relationship fostered by Gemini. Such a tightly knit family of dealers ie unique in the Andusery and to the direct benafit of all users of Gemini equipment.

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