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July–September 1987, Volume 1, Issue 3

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IBM 7 Only 4£ you be Dear Sir, You ask for comment about the future content of Scorpio Mews.

My interest is solely Nascom/Gemini/Map, 1 have no intention of deserting the ship to buy an IBM contempeible, as the P/M Users” Group calle then.

I would gladly pay # higher sub to keep the firm afloat, but I realise that

othere may be lees fortunate financially than I.

Us de essential that the sole remaining 40-105 magazine survives. If lovert the standards to include articles on ibMs black gox and ite relatives will de ther then J will come slong reluctantly, But Lf you do so I truce that the articles will really get down to brase tacks and not Just review programs.

ALL of the IBM users T know seem perfectly happy when all goes well. But when Things go awry none of them, end that includes the people who market the be tofhave the faintest idea what makes the hardware or the software tick.

Yours sincerely, Rodney Hanis, Reading, Berks.

Taking Stock. Dear sir

‘The recent comments in Scorpio News on the subject of c do some thinking about ay own situation. Just @ short years ago By 4 from heavy current to electronics. My electronics training had been obtained in the days Of valves. The magazines were full of articles on computing, and T thought Thad batter learn about 4t too. T bought # HASCOM 1, which worked on twitch on, and I wae hooked. On che basis of readaye supplier ‘might be benkrupt tomorrow” (especially after the WASCOM saga), I bought anything new that I could afford, and acquired « NASCOM 2, diske – a m 40K, ‘DISKPEN etc; and gerly awaited the ‘80 Col x25 Row’ screen that certain DRH told me coming ‘soon.

Over the years T have continued to expand the aysten as costs allowed and I hat 1 bout hardvare and software. A lot of the learning was by she


son ie probably that ‘they have not pursued the popular speciuiiet applications. Thie hae meant that the producte are not cheap, but all comments support the view that they are good, and well supported with date (except BIOS Source Listings!!)

For my part, I have, Like several other correspondents, a good knowledge of the hardware and yoftware of the system, and 1 would be impoveible with many modern syster programe, many of which I have not yet investigated. Scratched the surface of the potential of the system and T want to do vo aany Ehinge. I have been promising myself to really learn PASCAL, for example, but T en to spend vo much time word processing, modifying the operatin ‘and ‘on that this, Like so many other taske, just never seeme to get ce


In # business situatton, things are different. The larger TPA and additior E hinge have obvious ‘There

jpenieation where T work, sing one “for compatibil T’vill continue to use ay Gemini (and work) for the foreseeable future, but I will, Like many, have some ints in the PC. If Gemini do bring out a PC compatibie card, T may buy one even at the price of a clone, since ft would probably be much’ better supported, and

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