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July–September 1987 – Volume 1. Issue 3

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may go there and rent time 09 any of the equipment, or may send disk files {n, f by Arctic to the desired form of output. Arctic will also supply any Of the relevant equipment,

The Company and its Market

ove it is fairly obvious that To doesn’t sell just ta the steur any more, although some still buy Pluto 1A, which you will

11 to 0BHs who often produce their own software, and Ly To did not really bother with software. However, they 1 ny totally diverse applications have many common Fequiremente, and they have a gumber of programmers who specialise in producing Customieed versions of Designer for these different markets.

Tealy has seen che Light, and have 300-800 Pluto 2 installations in the textile indusery ““Were they are suppiled, for example, by a kniteing machine manufacturer to design stockings, tights and socks. By connetting the Pluto/host computer directly to the knitting machine, once « design te completed # sample sock can appear in 7 SECONDS! Alternatively, the pattern can be dumped fo’cassettes, which can then be placed into the other kaifting machines on the

shop floor.

software in this @ cimilar product

As tn carpet 12 about. £20,00

Further #7: fare in use in floor tile, wallpaper, and kitchen unit design. To have also recently become involved in a major publishing project.

‘The Poture

To have certainly come a long way since their original Nascom wdd-one. And

to the future?” Well, they say that they have defined 16 specific market areas video, textiles, etc) and will be pureuing most Of these, And these

‘sad toftware products vill continue to move up-market, to provide folutfons and Migher performance.

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