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July–September 1987, Volume 1, Issue 3

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Scorpio Systems Goes “Compatible” by P.A. Greenhalgh Bad to Good

If, a couple of years ago, you had said that at some future date I would Locking at buying an “IB” you would have received a fairly abusive reply. vhen IBM first increduced the PC there ware, in my opinion, « number of major shortcomings. They were expensive, PC-DOS was fairly ropey, the video left a Lot to be desired, there was Little softwace axound, and they were very elow. ‘Ae chat particular’ stage T’was using a Gemini Calary system with Winchester and HAM-DISK, mainly for WordStar work, and thie combination wat vastly faster than Wordstar on the PC, the software apparently being « “straight-forward: code conversion from CP/M / 8080 to PC-DOS | 80

t overnight became a Powerful, fem; avast ‘reduction

But, by having the very name IBM, this monstrosity als standard. jequentiy developments have raced a f ny

‘There were # number of re major one:

fons for deciding to buy an “IBM”, but there was one

Here at Scorpio Systems, as well

oducing this glorious publication, » lot of time ie apent producing technical documentation. “A laser printer ie ased to roduce master copy. This printer {o capable of very many fancy tricks, and Incorporates « lafge mumber of different fonte, ite most attractive bein certain proportions] ones. but Wordstar doss not understand che concept. o proportional fonte, and chat Lines of equal Length can contein considerably Eieferent numbers of letters. ‘Take che words lilfy and manny for example, end you eun quickly appreciate that {n 4 proportional font, vhere each Letter has Its own width rather than a fixed width for all letters, the former word ‘occupies a mich shorter Line Lengeh than the Latter.

$0 Wordstar can not bes

ibly used to take full advantage of the laser’s fore currently tends in effect, with the

Fegibitity. “Te tan go UGH smaitert)

Having a printer that is as capable as this one, but being a0 restricted in the number of features that can be used, muat de akin to owning Lambourghini Countach (capable of c. 180mph) and living in Jersey (maximum speed Limit

‘There doen’t appear to be any CP/H-60 software around to use it to ite

‘ue under MS-DOS there are various programe, particularly Heror Ventura Pretty (2

ic) amazing things.

Publisher, which are capable of

What To Boy 7

Anyway, having decided chat it wa with what? When you start to look around the 18M / Clone market place it all ary quickly becones very confi a 6, 477M, SH, Suis, LOMH2, 12Milz, 0 walt ecate , 108,

I decided that the best policy was to adopt a ‘maximum bange per optimum bucks” philosophy, i.e. to go for the best possible specification prior to pric Starting to’ go through the ceiling. On this basis it very soon became apparent

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