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July–September 1987, Volume 1, Issue 3

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In the binder, as supplied, there are several sections:

EGA Users” mar

MS-DOS 3.2 Operating System User’s Reference

ting Insteuctions* manual

Plus you could TRY to add the ‘Colour Monitor 0) % snd ie cortectly punched.

{nto the binder If you wish, as it te alto AS

I have to confess that I have not read the manual in any great detail yet. 1 have, however, managed to find everyching that I have wanted to know so far. I have’ shown the manuel to a few people who have bought various other cloner, and the genera] reaction has been very favourable, as some of these other systems

have apparencly come vith next to nothing. However, as I have seid, T cannot Feally vouch for the quality yet. Here are a few impressions:

‘The HCA Manual doeen‘e appear to be very good at all. There are various Link and switch options on the board, and the manual shows you where they should be Luse. However, in general it doesn’t say why or vhen you may wish to

Tt does have the of containing « circuit 4: ‘a very simple board, this Could be « good way of confirming that you’ve interpreted switch positions, etc, correctly.

The PC-286 Manual ie better still. It too comes with full circuit diagrams. Varsous dravings in it of the system show that the front panel has had things moved around, but this shouldnt matter. The manual doce MO? assume that you Rave a Wincheater, but. that you may have either one or two floppy drives only. Therefore various sections are more complicated than they nesd be, ae it describes Loading programs from the aaster floppy disk, then removing thie disk and inserting another, etc.

T have so far spotted two errors in thie manual – one gav. good chuckle, but other Feadefe may not have been eo impressed if they sctuslly followed the Anstructions! The section wents

Formatting Using Two Drives

If you have two disk drive

+ follow the steps below:

tte into Drive A (Ed. – your MASTER disk) t the new diskette into Drive B

‘A> FORKAT At [enter] (84, = your MASTER diek!)

The other error ie in the section on the wait-state link. tt refers toa ai but the diagram shown is the wrong one and is to do with connecting en external battery 1 then used the circuit diagrams to work out where the Correct link was. I later discovered that there wae a draving of the main board at the very beginning of the manual hae showed the correct link anyway

The MS-DOS manuals actually have *Hicrosoft* on the cover, and inside “Printed in Taivan under the licence from Microsoft Corporation”. Between them they are a good couple of inches thick, and Ihave yet to wade through them, but they do Took fairly comprehensive. Unlike the other manuals, though, they do not eppear to suffer from any Taiwanese English.

Uning the syrten ‘Ag stated earlier, there is a program available that purports to

Of the system relative to the PC. Once the wait-states hed been switchable, I got the following revulee:

the speed software

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