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July–September 1987, Volume 1, Issue 3

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thought 14 try using the ASSIGN command from DOS, guessing that s ears . rameters from drive A from the ROM BIOS and Tethe dive ke Tee up figued drive A to drive BT got 80 steps ‘Biegustingit

Sicight, but etiil 15

‘Then I took the 40 track drive out and shoved one of the 80 track Teac ‘out of my Gemini {a the hole, all should work now – of so I thought. 1

fe drive B to 80 track and told it go. Can you

id to double step, do 40


arty jet up the parameters to Inagibe ay amazement when the #0 track drive proce

aging away at the

Spend the next 40 steps nerve to tell me the disk had 720K.

‘At that point I assume I had got the select Links on the Teac mixed up, but

for the Life of me I can’t see what I had got wrong ae it atill worked as an 80

track drive when 4c found ite way back ak

3.30 in the morning I left it. and haven’t come back to tt

someone out. chara ‘hae probably achieved my sim of using ti ‘different logical 80 track 720K drive, sitting the:

iaove the trite, so perkape Af thay would Tike Eo drop

that about wraps 1t up for this time round. Next time 111

ely painless conversion from MASE TI to dBASE ITT

Df the not so nice surprises it has in store, and how to go about co:

Ssing Clipper, uickativer or Foxbeee, none of which Le entirely com ch other

Private Adverts Mascon 3 system for Mull working order with manuals HAH, input bourd with couater timer, floppy a

case, Kage 12" monitor. Also fetal monitor ays ‘Offers for whole

OF parts. Phone Andrew Wheble on Reading (____) ______.

LP PRICE! GM833_ 512K RAM-DISE, sold on behalf of grated owner, therefore

Board, £90.” Phone ____ ______

HELL fae anyone got a varking version of patch for Vordstar and the smith-Corona TPL dalsy-wheel printer? “Having struggled without suce wveral ys, I’d be grateful {f anyone can help. De P.D.Coker, 23 Darwin Clos

Orpington, Kent ___ ___ (____ _____)

Gemini Galaxy 3 system for . low profile keyboard. SHB Winch 380k Floppy. » Compl {d/CTC/aTC board and GHBLB seria Gaughter board. All maunuale, etc. £1300 + VAT Contact Finlay Microfilm, 1 Woodside Roed, Amersham, Bucks., HPS GPA. Amersham (02405) 22125.

130+ x 8 scarcely used S55D disks, good condition. £4.75 for 10 inc. Dr P. Coker, 23 Darwin Close, Orpington, Kent BRE TEP. “(0689 50510}.

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