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October–December 1987 – Volume 1. Issue 4.

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It is also worth noting that CP/M 2.2 takes less CCP memory than the alternatives which, therefore, give the programmer the largest TPA possible thus cutting down the seed for overlay files.

The on-board memory (1 MByte for a standard card) above 64k will be used as a RAM disk called ‘O’. This will be much faster than the ‘M’equivalent because the CPU will be running at 10 MHz versus 4 MHz on the GM813. The new BIOS, however, will still support ‘M’ drives. Another possible application for the large amount of on-board memory could be the track buffering of floppies or Winchesters, thereby giving very fast access to files, or accelerating spooler type applications.


Since the design concept embraces total compatibility with the GM813 Gemini see the following markets for the product:

  1. Existing and future MultiNet users for both Fileservers and Workstations.
  2. CAD-8 users.
  3. Disk conversion products such a the DX-3.
  4. ODIN development systems.
  5. Computer enthusiasts who have traditionally worked in a Z-80 environment.
  6. Turbo charging of packages based upon original Z-80 based software

With an anticipated speed acceleration of over 2.5 times of the existing Z-80, new systems based around the GM880 are going to be able to run almost as fast as an AT clone, and if you take into account the speed advantages that are added to a system by the SVC and the RAM disk the combined effect will be to provide a very competitive alternative to even the latest 80386 type products.

Look out IBM, Compaq, et al!


The end-use price of a board with 1 MBye of RAM will be £450.00.


The design should be completed by end of the July, and Gemini would anticipate a further 3 month will elapse befor it can go into production.


GM813 GM880/​4GM880/​8GM880/​10
SWEEP w. verify from M0: to M1:71.2265.4033.0426.00
CRC *.*30.6428.5314.4211,67
M80 = BIOSF78.9470.7936.5128.48
PCW BM23.903,541.921.51
PCW BM310.109.174.693.78
PCW BM59.608.684.653.66
PCW BM618.0718.158.226.86
PCW BM729.2925.0413.1310.57
PCW BM85.424.872.522.13

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