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October–December 1987, Volume 1, Issue 4

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Software Reviews

by Robert Pearce

Followag my letter to the Editor (sce the leer’ pages), I have been asked to sexawl 2 fow words regarding a couple of sftware packages.

Review of Scorpio Systems SVC-S Disk 1 thought I should stast with thie one as u’s already available, acd also st was this dick

that got sme aato ‘this inthe first place. a all honesty 1 have, to say thatthe. main reason T bought x was that T’was considering wniing 9 PCB design package of my cm and had aot got strted ye

With the last issue of Scoplo News, Scorpio offered three dicks with software specifically fr stems ued with Geni! OMESE SVC” veo boar “Thee ar in Tact rely oly two. dab, the ‘one (SCT) being the frst two dsks combined onto one disk – follow that?

SVC contains

Soe dma Ree Ur cuneate Fe a aa eee oe Resmi tte

SVC-02 contans: MLINKS, the source code tha adds SVC graphic commands to MBASIC

1 shall stat woth SDRAW the picture drawing package, whuch is the oaly one of the “5 pls programs which does got have the ‘source code supplied.” Overall 1 was quite. impressed. by this Brow. Alle” wv acs re pronded a nyo se form wih 0 ery shoe. telp Fates Cursor movement is designed for an aoaymous keyboard (ie. it can be wed without cursor ey, using the ‘Wordstar diamond’) but the standard Gemunl curtor codes also work in most (bal oot al) ‘cases One of the cases where they do not work in tem mode. This uses the standard SVC Character wring routine wth the rerulting Festricuoa that text cannot be placed exactly where you want it, only’ ons 32 * 25 gnd (the usual one) Another slight muggle & the way tex mode Always eaters at (op left racer than where the cursor i.

Facies are, provided for prater dump to an Epson compaible pater two sues. The by size, unfortunately, does ot quite Tr a0. the left sad nght edges (6 puxes each). are cut of ‘The’ print. page also sllows you 10. pent Our the crreat cursor cordate, thowph why You should want ‘tot doe’t quite now. Screeas can. alo be saved to or read. from isk fe, which ae Compatible with thore used by MLINKS

‘The circle drawing routine understands Pythagoras, so the direction in which you define che radius is ot important.” ‘There sg however, 00 way (0 femove an unwanted circle, which is perhaps even more annoying because such a facility is pronded for the fill option “The Sil ‘option Supports 12 patterns Sold fll us rather quicker than the rest (presumably xt uses the SVC faternal route) out all perform a proper food fll. ‘The belp page shows four extra undefined fil patterns but these appear to bea mistake onthe belp fi.

‘Allin all hs is quite a good product and the ngges ate generally minor

1 could not test the two time programs as I dost have a real time clock fied, but there can’t be much wrong with them!

Tie meh dance 1 poyen sin poy argh owed Te cant tt pcs = sec Mat alse trogen asin ety ace ore, Ta, ane oe Se ete de ams gee or oe et detect mal fete ea a

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