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October–December 1987 – Volume 1. Issue 4.

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WordStar V3.30 for the Gemini IVC/​SVC

by D.W. Birch

This article details the changes necessary to support the keyboard cursor keys for WordStar version 3.30. All other functions i.e. clear to end of line/​screen can be patched through the instal program (called WINSTALL). See article in 80-BUS NEWS Vol. 2 issue 3 page 11 for Installation of WordStar V2.2 on IVC by Richard Beal.

New addresses are necessary for Ver. 3.30 as the patch area has been changed. Below are detailed the changes for support of the cursor keys and also a few other locations that users may find useful to patch. Patching can be done either with DDT/​ZDT etc. or better via the patcher in WINSTALL (accessed via a “+” at the main install menu).

New ValueMeaning

04A343 68Backspace delete char not just cursor left.
05457FDisable Control-Delete (1F).
06551C 00 DA 63Cursor left.
06591D 00 D0 63Cursor right.
065D1F 00 9A 64Cursor down.
06611E 00 B4 64Cursor up.

For dot matrix printers:

069A(BLDSTR)number passes for bold strike (normally 3)
069B(DBLSTR)number passes for double strike (normally 2)
03E3(OVPCHR)overprint character (normally “-”)
0710(ULCHR)underline character used on printer (normally “_”)

Useful addresses:

03DF(EOFCHR)End of file character used on screen (normally “.”)
03E1(HARDCR)Hard carriage return character used on screen (normally “<”)
03E4(PAGCHR)Page break character displayed on screen (normally “P”)
03E8(PAGFIL)Page break line character displayed on screen (normally “-”)
07BA(PSTAB)Proportional/​micro-justification character spacing look-up table
03E7(SOFHYC)Soft hyphen character displayed on screen (normally inverse “-”)
03E5(SOFTCR)Soft carriage return displayed on screen (normally “ ”)
02BA(SCRLSZ)Scroll size of screen (normally 14h = 20 lines)
03DE(CONCHR)Continued line on screen display character (normally “+”)
03E0(FDTCHR)Character used to flag Mailmerge dot commands (normally “M”)
03E2(LFCHR)Character used to flag line feed only in text (normally “J”)

For people with an EV Real Time Cock and Gemini IVC card the following bytes in the Terminal Startup and Exit routines automatically deselect clock, unlock top line, clear screen and clear screen, select clock, fine feed, lock top line of display respectively.

Terminal Startup1B 73 43 1B 4F 1A
Terminal Exit1A 1B 73 43 0A 1B 4D

I found this very useful as the clock display if selected under WordStar does get in the way.

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