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May–June 1983, Volume 2, Issue 3

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by Richard Beal

Wordstar is almost certainly the most widely used microcomputer word processing package in the world. Produced by Micropro, it is available ready configured for many computers. However, almost any microcomputer can run the package, because it comes with an excellent install program and extensive instructions on how to patch the program to specify any features not readily covered by the install program. This article describes how to patch Wordstar for the Gemini IVC and keyboard, making best use of the Gemini features, for example the cursor movement keys on the right side of the keyboard.

[Ed.’s note – Gemini have recently obtained a number of software licenses, including those for Micropro’s Wordstar, Spellstar and Mailmerge. These packages are therefore now available from Gemini dealers in Gemini disk format, already installed for the IVC.]

Wordstar can be obtained in its standard form on an 8 inch diskette, and is also available on many 5 inch formats such as Superbrain. Having migrated the software from the alien disk format to your Gemini format, which may be done using a program such as COPYSB, or with the help of a friendly dealer, you are ready to install it. You must run the install program, even if you are going to enter all the hand patches for every option. This article does not cover the printer patches, which are often unnecessary as you can select the CP/M list device and a standard TTY printer.

When you run the install program, you will find that the Gemini IVC is not a menu option, so you must select the user installed patches option for each menu option which you cannot answer. Having written the installed Wordstar back to disk, you are ready to load it under the debug utility and patch it. DDT, ZSID, or GEMDEBUG are all suitable. If you use DDT or ZSID, remember to work out the number of pages for the SAVE command before you start the debug program.

I will simply give you the values which I have found useful, as a complete description of all the options can be obtained best by working it out yourself from the manual. These patches are for Wordstar Version 3.0, and will not work on earlier versions.

AddressNew valuesMeaning

The following group of changes alter various initial values.

036002Change initial help level to 2.
036100Display helpful message at start of first edit.
0392FFEnter Wordstar in non-document mode instead of document mode. Useful if you have a version just for program text editing.
03E7NameName of Wordstar, change if not WS.

The next change alters the keyboard to be consistent with CP/M etc.

049BC3 67Make Backspace delete a character, instead of just moving the cursor.

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