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May–June 1983, Volume 2, Issue 3

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The following group of changes allow use of the cursor keys on the Gemini keyboard.

052D7F Deactivate Ctrl-Del (1F).
06491C 00Cursor left
064B65 63
064D1D 00Cursor right
064F5B 63
06511F 00Cursor down
065324 64
06551E 00Cursor up
06573E 64

The following group of changes alter the initial messages displayed on the screen.

0181DateInspect and change as you wish.
0190TerminalSuggest ‘Gemini IVC”.

The following changes are for the IVC display.

024819 50Rows and columns on screen.
024A02 1B 3DPosition cursor.
0253-025DMust all be zero.
025E20 20 00 00 00 00 00 00 C9
026D02 1B 2AErase to end of line.
027401 0BDelete line.
027801 0EInsert line.
028402 1B 41Inverse video on.
028B02 1B 4EInverse, video off.
0292-02A3Must all be zero.
02A400 00 C9 00 00 C9 00 00 00 00
02A801 01Delays – not needed and 01 is the minimum value.
02B000 00 00
02D210Reduce “long delay” to sensible length of time.

The next value applies ONLY to users of SYS with virtual disk and the VFLIP option selected.

02DC10 (normally 01)Default disk drive to test for the Wordstar overlay file.

When you have installed these changes, remember to save the new version Wordstar on disk. Then run it and it should work perfectly.

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