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October–December 1987, Volume 1, Issue 4

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cluding a5) allocated variable space, any one program ‘egmeat, and ia this eatc al the eos! omonly te” command, wi gotfed ogc it mun pogen vege, wih Ih rt te SStelite programs being cetred around this cesta core.

Te 5 Eo rae tn ess etn fie er vl OS a is er ngs a ae Ee

Regarding the up ia the small vernon of the rm, 1 wil past 4 new rected ting snd. COM eo the Eater shorty. me ow *

Obtaining 00H to FFH from the Nascom Keyboard

by Michael Newson

‘The full range of byte values ftom OOH to FFH is svallable direct rom the Nascom keyboard – 2 fact hich only becomes appareat through detaled study of the NAS-SYS. listings, although the actual eye required are ant specified. The table below gives 2 quick crosereference to the required key combaatons

‘The MAP0 CBIOS for CRIM sho supports this full range, and it is that it ako applic to Gemints CBIOS. oe aso i elact (og, SONTT Lar ccNTE 2} ae oped at css rexpoas to the CHM prompt and W cant be found at Slesane, CHAt wil ecko th ‘loan’ unatred oo pratr f SCNL SP ache)

Characters not showm in the table below aze avilable direct from the keyboard, using the shit ey where relevant


Ol Soh oc A OE $0 cm

o2 Sk cB oF Sr <0

3 EX eC 10 DLE cP

os GOT oc 0 W seiicuy fo} 2

05 -ENQ oc 12 pc2(cur) (->) = cR

06 Ak oc F 13 ocafew) ff) res

oF BEL oc G 14 ca(cup) set

08 BS oc 15 NK cues le

o9 MT cL 16 sme coves (|

OA LF oc J 12 EB (cH) = cw

ow WT oc Kk 28 CAN ck

oF cL 19 eM cy TF DEL cs?

Inthe KEYS column, represents the <CTRL> key andy represeas the <SHIFT> key

Values in the range 8H to FFH may be obtuned by pressing the <GRAPH> key as well (tt sts ane Sejecdng onthe characte” generator tay) pay cer severed” wdeoor’8| apie Saracter

This is an OCR’d version of the scanned page and likely contains recognition errors.

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