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May 1989 – Volume 3. Final Issue.

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Various Interests – 1

I would like to be kept informed of add-ons for 80-BUS and systems software, particularly utilities and disk format conversion software. Is there an IBMCOPY for the 3.5″ 720/730K format; is there a GENSYS config for the IBM 96tpi formats? Has anyone got documentation for the principle clone cards XT, AT and whatever – what will the empty sockets do?

I trade among Times 100 companies for micro applications in Central London with training in SSM, SSADM and James Martin methodologies; preferred applications are with Clipper/​dBase.

Noel Hall t/a Nailsea Design Systems, Bristol.

Various Interests – 2

I am running a MAP-80 based system with hard disk and most size floppy drives – and also a Nascom 2. I’m interested in surplus hardware recovery, disk format translation and PD software.

Contact from similarly interested users or those with complementary software knowledge welcome. There can’t be many of us about so don’t let distance put you off.

John Manning, Winchester.

The End Of An Era.

I do not know how many readers of this final issue of Scorpio News there will be. Maybe some of you have, like me, been avid readers since Issue 1 of the INMC newsletter. With this last copy of Scorpio News an era comes to an end – the era of user support and information for what I feel was probably one of the best CP/M systems available.

In the early days I knew absolutely nothing about computing, and I found the newsletters invaluable in sorting out my Nascoms and later, Hybrids. I am afraid that I used to pester many of the authors but they were always very helpful and polite! Later I found that I had learnt enough to be able to contribute to the various newsletters, and I occasionally got letters and ’phone calls myself. I hope that my contributions helped a few people on the way. Some of the contacts made in this way resulted in good friendships, some of which are still continuing.

I still have my (mainly) Gemini based system, which is used for a number of jobs, but like most people, I have been tempted to stray to the MS-DOS scene, largely

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