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May 1989 – Volume 3. Final Issue.

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due to the vast amount of software which is growing more sophisticated by the day. The increased speed of the newer systems is also attractive.

Another interest of mine is Amateur Radio, but due to lack of time, I have not been able to marry this to computing as much as I had hoped. Maybe I will be able to rectify this in future.

I am sure that some readers are still very interested in the 80- BUS systems. If I can be of any assistance with regard to any of the articles that I have written in the various mags over the last 4 or 5 years, I would be pleased to help where possible. I would particularly recommend anyone contemplating staying with CP/M to try to get the ZCPR3 operating system running, as it really does make operating a pleasure.

Best wishes to all. Clive Bowden G30CB, Truro.


I’d like to say how much I (and many others, I suspect) have enjoyed the various versions of the NasBus/80-BUS magazines over the years – and how much I have benefitted from many of the articles – as well as the many friends and contacts I have made. I must own up to feelings of irritation when the magazines were late but on more sober reflection, so are many other newsletters and magazines produced on a part-time basis. Thanks very much.

ps: I’d be glad to hear from 80-BUS users with PCs – to swap software and horror stories. Best wishes.

Paddy Coker, Orpington.


Very sad to hear that you are discontinuing the rag. Believe it or not, there are people out here who look forward to it flopping onto the doormat. By the way, what about all the business about including the PC series in the mag? As far as contributions and feedback is concerned you should know that ‘80-BUS’ people have a long history of almost militant apathy. I don’t suppose there’s any chance of doing something on a more informal basis (as and when it’s worthwhile)? ...No? Oh well, it was worth a try.

I am sure there is still a lot of loyal support out there, no matter how quiet it is: I know I am (loyal AND quiet), and feel sure that all existing subscribers would like to keep in touch with each other no matter how tenuously. Therefore, would you publish a contact list with the last issue so that we don’t feel quite so cut off? [Ed – have a look at the back pages!]

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