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May 1989 – Volume 3. Final Issue.

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As with the 48 x 16 CP/M, control codes can be sent direct to the printer. In addition, control codes can be sent direct to the screen.

Please note: Software such as Wordstar and Supercalc expect an 80x25 line display; to fix them to work with a 48 x 16 screen would require patches both to them and to MOVCPM.

Lotti2 is a remarkable electronic drawing board which is very simple to use. It’s given me what I’ve always wanted – a drawing board in my own home which does not require a huge chest of drawers in which to keep the drawings. (It doesn’t require a pongy print machine either.) Now I can plan the garden, draw the new outbuilding, do PCB layouts (no auto routeing or track separation checking, but very welcome nonetheless) and draw the mechanical engineering drawings which are my trade. The whole thing is menu driven and software drivers are provided for a bit pad, 3 types of matrix printer and 5 types of plotter. It can be controlled using just the N2 keyboard. For me, it’s the bargain of the decade. You need an AVC to use it and it needs 48K for the Nasdos 2 version and 64K for the CP/M version.

Lucas officially abandoned their computing business in September of last year. However, they still retain the rights to all their hard/​software. The last I heard was that they were intending to transfer those rights together with the repair contracts to another company. I shall be writing to them shortly, thanking them for what they have done over the years and asking them to press on with the transferral of rights so that software will again be available to the 10,000 plus of us out here. Ring me if you want a progress report.

For Sale & Wanted

For Sale – a MARVIN system at bargain prices. (Somebody somewhere must want some of this gear!) Anyone interested should contact Chris Blackmore, Taunton.

For Sale – 10A PSU, 19″ VERO frame with 7-slot Backplane – £40. VRT Superdeck with software – £30. GM802 Ram B – £20. 3A PSU – £15. GP80A Printer – £50. Rom Graphics Board for Nascom 1 (econographics) – £5. Nascom 1 Buffer Board – £10. Infocom’s Enchanter – £5. WantedRom to drive Pluto (768 x 576) and Palette. Phone Mike Parker (____) ______

For SaleGM803 Eprom, GM837 Colour, GM862 256K Ram, GM870 Modem, GM812 IVC, GM816 I/O. All with documentation and software where relevant. All offers considered. Phone C Bowden for details (____) ______.

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