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May 1989, Volume 3, Final Issue

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For Sale – Lots of 80-BUS boards, cheap 64K RAM and other goodies at bargain prices. Detailed list available. Write or phone P D Coker, Orpington, (____) _____

Wanted – Information to set up Compiler language based subroutines for Nascom AVC Graphics board, as GBASIC is too slow. Jack Arnett, RNTNE, London.

For Sale – Nascom 2 48K complete; spare 48K RAM; MAP 256K RAM; Nascom I/O board; GM833 512K RAM-disk board; GM811 Z80 CPU; GM812 IVC; GM802 64K Ram; Pluto V2.0; GM829 FDC/SASI; GM803 NasBus EPROM/ROM card; GM813 CPU card; GM809 FDC; 8-slot Motherboard; 6 Amp small PSU; Keyboards, etc. Please phone (____) ______ with offers. G E Gillard, Nottingham.


The following people have asked to remain in contact with others, and have given the following details as to their interests. Their full addresses are given later.


Michael ParkerWriting/modifying systems software for CP/M 2.2 and CP/M+, running on a Nascom 2 with MAP-80 cards. (See my article.)
Geoff HiggsMy system comprises a Nascom 2, GM809 Iss 2 FDC, 2-off RAM A, GM812 Iss 2 IVC, Wintec WT 625 (Teletext) Colour Card, pair of 40/80 5.25" drives, NAS-SYS 3, POLYDOS (modified to work 35/40/80 track. When the house is rebuilt I have all the bits (SIMON, etc) to make the beast run CP/M.
J T NestorAnything further which may be written about Gemini or Nascom. Please let me know.
JN ColemanPlease contact me on any developments of advanced 80- BUS hardware and CP/M software.
PG LeeI run a Nascom 2 and a Gemini system and am interested in go-faster Z80 variants (Z280, etc). Also graphics and interface cards.
Nigel DuffinPlease let me know about any 80-BUS boards, add-ons, software, etc.
Cliff WernhamI am generally interested in NASDOS, Lucas, Gemini CP/M Brian Hayward My special interest is in Gemini/Nascom hardware

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