80-Bus News


January–March 1982, Volume 1, Issue 1

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1840 {Restore registers and stack pointer L007 El L550 POF HL Loce Ci L540 FOF BC Lace Fi 15706 FOF AF LOCA ED7ZEBES1IO 1580 LD SF (SFSTR) 14600 s;Ensble interrupts and return LOCE FE 1416 ET LOCF ED4D 1420 RETI 1640 Subroutine DISP L1OD1 0402 1650 DISF LD Eo? LODS ED7& 1440 DISFE IN A 8C) 1ODS pro? L&70 RCAL ASCT LoD? Ob S89 DEC OC LOD8 10F9 L&90 DJINZ DISE2 LQDA 3420 i700 LD (HL) SFACE LOD £3 L716 INC HL. Lapp Cy? L720 RET 1740 PSubroutine ASCI LODE ESGF LPea aser AND OFH LQE0 C436 L?eo ADD A SOH LOES 7? L770 Lo CHL A LOES 23 L?eo INC HL Lae4 ce L790 RET LS10 fate storege LOES 82 La20 YEAR DEFB @2H jDefault year=82 TOES 0002 L830 SPSTR DEFS 2 jliser atack pointer LORS oo14 L840 STACK BEFS 20 fInterrupt routine stack Lite LBa0 QRG L1t0H L100 Sild 1840 POINT DBEFH INTRitTmterrupt pointer PESP 780 Assembler – Symbol Table 1ODEH 1750 Ascr LO76H G890 CINT OO20H GO70 CLOCK QOOGH G100 CR OREGH 0080 CRT LODLH 1450 DYSF LOQDSH 14460 DISree LOSSH 64460 DBIyV – QO43H C140 TNLIN LO91H 1180 INTER LO82H 1038 LOAD L063H 8750 MOVE QOSEH G130 MRET OO064H G150 NUM OCfiH O140 NUMY Li0GH 1860 POINT OO2Z8H O120 FRS GOZ0H G110 SFACE LOESH 1830 SPSTR LOESH 1640 STACK OOL1H 0090 VECTH LOESH 1820 YEAR POINTS ARISING BY RORY O’ FARRELL

INMC80-5, page 20. In my review of the Econographics for the N1, where I say “is not acceptable”, please substitute “is not unacceptable”. The Econographics unit gives a very slight line between solid blocks of white, but it is not objectional. I am also informed by Nascom that the faulty piece of artwork for the track patterns has been withdrawn, and profuse apologies have

been expressed for any inconvenience. With any luck, any Econographics units around will now be from the correct track pattern. INMC80-5, page 58. For microprocessor, read macroprocessor. This is

obviously a computer error (GROANS and slow handclap!)

This is an OCR’d version of the scanned page and likely contains recognition errors.

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