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January–March 1982, Volume 1, Issue 1

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SOFTWARE FOR GEMINI DISK SYSTEMS from D. Parkinson, author of NasDis, Imprint and Gemini disk BIOSs.

LIST – A program to replace the CP/M TYPE command. The user may specify an ambiguous file name, and list the programs to the screen and/or printer. All output is paginated, with headings that may either be specified by the user, or will default to the file name. Lines may optionally be numbered. Listing may be interrupted and then skipped forwards or backwards by any number of pages. Alternatively, listing of any program may be aborted, in which case listing of the next file specified will commence.

REPAIR – Specifically for systems using the Gemini GM809 double density FDC card, this program allows the user to read and write sectors of a disk directly. It can be used to recover files that have been accidently erased, provided that they are still complete. It can also be used to recover source files from a disk on which the directory has been destroyed or corrupted.

COPYSB – For systems using the GM809 card and Pertec FD250 drives, this program will copy entire disks between Gemini double density format and Superbrain DD or QD formats. Transfer may take place in either direction, and. the program will also format disks to Superbrain formats.

Prices: LIST & REPAIR on a Gemini DD/DS format disk – 25.00 + 1-00 p&p + VAT COPYSB woomooK " " "= 35.00 + 1.00 p&p + VAT



We will be introducing three new packages during May, these are:

NAS-GRAPHPAC Based on software that was originally developed for Nascom Microcomputers Ltd.,

this package links with the standard ROM BASIC to provide twenty additional commands for controlling the Nascom 2’s low resolution graphics. This we feel will become the standard graphics package on the Nascom in the future as we will be supporting the new Lucas Logic high resolution colour card when it eventually arrives. Price £20, supplied on N2 cassette.


This relocatable package links with Microsoft’s BASIC-80 and provides over twenty extra commands for controlling the Gemini GM812 IVC, making it a much more viable proposition on a disk based system. Price £35, supplied on disk.

GEMINI ECONOMY BASIC Running under RP/M or CP/M on a system fitted with the Gemini GM812 IVC, this

package was written with the cassette based Gemini system in mind, as it is less than 8K in length. The BASIC supports floating point numbers and also incorporates GEM-GRAPHPAC. Price £25, supplied on Gemini format cassette, or £28 on disk.

Include £1 p&p per order (no VAT yet) and specify exact system hardware please. Send for Data sheets on the above software now!!!

Mail order to: CCSoft, 83 Longfield Street, London, SW18. or see your local Nascom or Microvalue dealer.

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