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January–March 1982, Volume 1, Issue 1

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for NASCOM 2 and NASCOM 1

(Nas-Sys/Cottis B.)


This enhances Mascom ROM HASIC, adding over 40 extra atatements and yet using only 4K of wewory. The new atatements are used as if they were an integral part of ROM BASIC: it iw as if you had bought « sore powerful BASIC interpreter that waa fully compatible with standard Hom BASIC. There ie NO mucking about with USE calle.

Because Extension Basic te fully compatible with atandard BASIC, you can use it either ae an interpreter in {te ow: right, or as a superb toolkit for producing programm to run wiler ROM BASIC alone.

The additional keyvords include:

automatically number new Linea;

edit long linea (up to 700 characters long);

delete « range of lines;

discard comments and/or spaces to reduce site; RENUMBER. renunber lines and COTO/GOSUB/ON/RESTORE references.

Debugging Commands:

DEC & HEX convert between decimal asd hexadecimal nusbers; Fi find any text string (even if it includes keywords); SPEED set keyboard auto-repest speed: TRACE follow program execution, optionally slowed dow,

showing line numbers and selected variables etc. XLIST & XREP cross reference listing of selected line(s).

Taput Statementa: ed


Seren Bandi. corr

get walue of key pressed (6 if no key pressed); wait for key to be pregeed and return ite value; return entire line con’ cursor, on ENTER; test whether selected key is up or down.

copy block of memory (e.g to sove the screen); aet/reset/reverse « line between 2 points;

print at specified position;

print string or string variable, erea on top Line: prevent any word being split between 2 lines. Structured Programing:

IP. .THEN..ELSE do ons statement if true, another if false;

REPEAT. .UNTIL, loop until condition true;

WHILE. .WEND if condition true, loop while it remains true. Extension Basic is supplied with a 25 page manual, which includes instructions on adding your own keywords to those provided, and a demonstration EB program which includes the games Sweeper and Deaon Driver. The cassette version comes with a relocater program so that you can place EB anywhere in seacry. EB works with Nae-Sys 7 or 3. EXTENSION BASIC on cassette 2... cc scuswercnesssecseesncennannnae £t5

2 * 2716 ROM fevectty start sarees} de eaeenawe £25 4 * 2708 BOM (apecify start address) .........5 £25 to convert to BOM, having bought EB on cassette £12


Versatile programmer with own Nascom offers his skills to those with a software problem. Cheap rates if I like the job. Also willing to exchange software skills for hardware or hardware skills. Any hardware wizard in South London looking for a collaborator? Contact: Mike York, 9 Rosehill Road, LONDON, SW18. Tel. 01-874-6244.


Increases speed, eliminates errors. Two programs, include speed and accuracy tests. On N2 cassette (1200 baud). Needs 8K and graphics ROM.

Lloyds, 35 Magheraboy Road, Co. Antrim, BT56 8NX.

Portrush, (0265) 823101.


@- DOS is a high performance file wyetom for the Gemini 6805 floppy disk drive. The ‘Q’ stands for Quick, for example seving a 32K progran takes only 11 seconde, and loading it again takes 9.

Q-DOS provides facilities including:

– save BASIC or ZEAP programa or memory to named files;

– lead Tiles back into memory;

– display directory;

– exase, rename or protect files ste.

Alec, Q-DOS allows aachine code programa to read or write data to sequential files, with Q-DOS providing automatic buffering to optimise performance.

@DOS is supplied with complete

documentation and utilities for:

– initialising diske;

– unerasing accidental deletiona;

– coping with any hardware problea;

– saving all/aelected files to tape in Nes-Sys format {you could load them individually using Baa-Sys RB) and reloading a disk from tape.

Q-DOS uses 4K + 4 for buffers and B-DOS is not required. It works with either Kas-Sye 1 or 3.

Q- DOS on cassette oo. ce ec ees eeae £25 in BOM: 2’2716 or 4*2708 (specify start/buffer) ... £35


Missile Defence 16K,MC,G ...... £8 Shoot down eneay ICBMs, bombers and eruise alsailes with ABMs from your 3 bases to protect these bases and the civilian population. This high-speed game is similex to the arcade game, and includes the umique option of a 2 player game: playing Ron end Leo you try to twint world war 3.

Fantasy 81 16K,B oo... cece wane £6 An adventure game in which you must compete with the other 25 characters in a Gothic mansion to join the League of Heroes. The other ‘players behave realietically end you need cunning to win, rather than all-out aggression.

Space Invasion 16K,MC,c ...... &% The aliens are back armed with 6 types of missiles and assiated by commando raids. 10 apeeds, 10 skill

levela (easy – impoasibie) ete.

Bomber 8K,MC,G .......ccccaees £5 Flatten your least favorite city to clear a landing strip for your bomber aircraft. Thie fast action game allows you to destroy London, Paria or Hew York.

Games Tape 8E,B & MCC ..e.eee £6

5 games on a single cassette:

– Double Breakout. Break through 2 walls by knocking bricks cut with # ball. d-way bat movement and «a choice of speed and bat. Winning earns a faster game for sore sco:

– Gunner. Shoot down enemies with angled missiles while avoiding the boebsa they drop.

– Surround. Trap your opponent with your tracks. For 1 or 2 players.

– Woepua. Hunt the loathiy Wurpua in & maze. Then go after the others. .

– Minefield. Cross a deadly sine field using a dodgy detector.


Postage & Packaging is FREE, and there is no V.A.T to add.

Please semi any order, or a large S.4.E for our ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUE

Level 9 Computing, 229, Hughenden Road, High Wycombe,

Bucks. HP13 5PG

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