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April–June 1982 · Volume 1 · Issue 2

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And anybody who thinks that a Nas-Sys version of that routine would be useful is at liberty to write one. I have decided not to, as I have got to get this article finished soon, or it will miss the deadline.

And finally, something totally silly.

This is a conversion of the lost entry to the long forgotten Christmas game contest in BASIC. Probably the best thing about it is the apalling acronym that gives it its name. I insist that the game itself was actually my brother’s idea. I think you will find that it is capable of breaking the ice at parties, and could easily be modified to create even more complex situations, that we must not discuss here, as this magazine is frequently read by persons of tender years…

I hereby nominate this program de facto winner of the Silliest Misuse of Unusual Technology (SMUT) award for this year, unless you know better, of course…

Page 14 of 55