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April–June 1982, Volume 1, Issue 2

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Structured Programming With Comal




Director of the Computer Education Centre, Bulmershe College of Higher Education, Reading, Berkshire Adviser on Computer Education to Berkshire County Council, and Senior Editor of Comal Bulletin.

Breaks new ground with an exposition of this innovative language, drawing together the best qualities of COMAL and BASIC under one roof. Organised into a lucid learning order, comparable to a spiral, the topics are treated piece by piece. New material is introduced at the appropriate moment, taking care not to exhaust the reader with unnecessarily rigorous explanations and syntactic detail. Roy Atherton’s approach is creative and imaginative, teaching the subject in a free-wheeling, yet professional, way. His affinity with COMAL is apparent throughout.

ISBN 0-85312-416-7 Library Edition 266 pages £18.50 ISBN 0-85312-423-X Student Edition £6.90

Published by ELLIS HORWOOD LIMITED, Chichester Distributed by John Wiley & Sons Limited, Chichester

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BORGE CHRISTENSEN Principal Lecturer, Tonder College of Higher Education, Tonder, Denmark

A book which offers newcomers to programming a complete COMAL program library, so that the student does not have to sit and type four-line programs with no bearing on real-life problems. It enables the beginner to read and analyse programs, modify and extend them, and teaches him the fundamentals of programming in a straight-forward manner. No previous knowledge of computers is necessary.

The programmes are based on applications of computers

to games, general administration, programmed learning,

and even small business. Some are highlighted by structured diagrams, introducing a powerful way of picturing programmes — a feature quite new to books on programming at this level.

ISBN 0--85312-435-3 320 pages £10.00

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