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April–June 1982, Volume 1, Issue 2

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PRICE! Hisoft announces a new, disk-based Pascal TOUCH TYPI NG TU TOR

compiler which js available for ZBO CP/M systems.”

The compiler produces Z80 object code directly, no P-codes, and this code executes faster than that Produced by any other currently available microcomputer Pascal compiler.

All the major features of the Pascal language are

supported including RECORDs, POINTERs and WITH TEST AND FILEs (of CHAR).

Hisoft’s policy is to continuously extend the capabilities of its software and further versions of the INSTRUCTI ONS ON CASSETTE E compiler will be supplied to purchasers of the current version at a minimal cost. Extensions to FILE handling will be available soon.

Hisoft Pascal 4 is a powerful and reliable piece of 16K + GRAPHICS software and yet it requires a 32K system in which to run and costs:

an incredible £40

*Currently available for SUPERBRAIN, £6.50 INC.P&P RML380Z, NASCOMs & GEMINI, Hisoft also have available:

Hisoft Pascal 3 tape-based Pascal compiler for FROM . Nascom & SHARP MZ80K £35 –

ZDEV a Z80 Development System for GEMINI (G805 or G809) disk LLOYD’S

NASMON systerns © £45 35 MA H

A a 4K NASCOM monitor £25

NASGEN assembler under NASMON £15 GHERABOY ROAD,

NASNEM disassembler under NASMON £10

BASI2K 12K BASIC interpreter under PORTR USH,

NASMON £20 CO. ANTRIM All prices are fully inclusive. (0265) 82301

Full details from:


__ ______ ____, Liden, Swindon, ___ ___ Tel. ____ _____ ansaphone

rd DISKS & TAPES Micro-Spares GEMINI foe en Mind once fogical route to virtually any 514" SSSD BASF £17.95 ong Wenn ee tee Peete ttn, 4 95 + VAT VALUE educational 2yet 3 wn co E oF any other system there to a combinanon oh 5%" SSDD BASF £21.45+vaT4 @o Paatboeres 1 atl tna tunctiom . Ee This concept ensures maxenum flexubiity and

5%." DSDD BASF £25.95 + vaT 19 ROSEBURN TERRACE, EDINBURGH EH12 5NG ee munimal obsolescence Maintenance and | 031-337 5611 board design MultiBoard is based on the 60-BUS

5M, " Cleaning Set £16.50 + VAT en . = y structure, which is finding increasing acceptance

5%" Library Case £1.90 + VAT PAYMENT AND DELIVERY COMPONENTS i broadeanng the produce base ers "Us

Cassettes (C20) 65p All storage media is top quality— Payment is by Cheque, Postal MEMS Tp Ghee cham cae gs ZO CPU FAM cares 4 ‘i Order, ACCESS, VISA ete. i GMe03 EPROM ROM card IEEE 488 cate

No High St. rubbish. PLEASE add postage and VAT. on Gesoy 3k PSU 40 Seoglecivediskunt . ad a 7 prigtamme: wit #350K)

Add £1.50 p. & p. per box. Allin stock items sent same ELEM Gmeiox ca sie " wan PSU ITOOKE e580 28 Disk protection folder £10.49 + VAT day. Allfnon Kit items have a IQAMNSARSIEE ow. isicnicac" Speech board

1 year guarantee. bes ee PEE keyboard


END SEPTEMBER 1982 Saaste eo 22 tr Gem Die dsascembiew a Muinboard £90 debugger tape

20 GMSIT Gem Zap edivaem tapef45 Gem Dis dreassemtier 7? PRINTERS ‘’. oe 71m el yal GM519 Gem Pen ensior £100

text tomate: tape 4S.

ie ea . YY, rr Anadex DP8000B&OMatrix £3004 VAT BBO roe tenom eas

ita ete SMe Tec 45&55CpsDaisyWheel £995+ VAT BO? in cs Silver Reed Typewriter/Printer RS232 £500 + VAT Map , RICOH RP1600 £1149 + VAT PRODUCTS A. Triumph-Adler Stylist £595

KITS: a /

"RENE ler , PComputers ae EPSON Printers

Boao LEVEL £315..var Ps PRINTERS Nae Ses ties MX80FT-I £3074 -vat


wascom2.nouses RAM £25 High Resotution MX80FT-II £3154 var sescornsene ese RAM e0. e Shy MXB0FT-II1 £327.var [J CompUTER FOR BUSINESS ETC” tek user RAM SAT ml \ Pm) MX100 Type £439+var 9 . io

a ardware Prog Character Generator

MX82FT £330 + vat “Twit ZB0A CPM System +160 x 75 Prxel Graphics

POWER SUPPLY DISC SYSTEMS *G4K Dynamic RAM *Centronics Parallel /O

MEMOAY CARDS “Sonne! FOC card 3.00 "800K Disk Storage (Formatted) *RS232 VO

BAM B memory Card Nascor dual dise “80 x 255 Screen Format “Light pen interface with 16K BAM — ket drive G50KB each “inverse Video “ยง8-Key ASCIl Keyboard

RAM & ated ancl FDC card gi . wits 16K BAM board NAS DOS disc op sy stem sof 6MC12v Green Screen Monitor £119+ VAT I sottware *GEM-ZAP Assembler! *Full 64K CPIM 2 2 with Editor

Addibonal 16K BAM SOFTWARE 5 ; Additional 32K RAM NAS-SYS i POM e Felevideo 910 Fermi nal £425 screen edit faciity *GEM-PEN Text editor NO BOARDS ora ey nena Televideo 925 Terminal 525 *Comal-80 structured *GEM-DE BUG

Peeve te UAT GySin ax EPROM xf Televideo 950 Terminal £615 BASIC debuaging software

enuf} ex PIO £4050 ZEAP 21 for NAS . PIO for above tO £1080 “SYSontape meee CEC Ur Estee Galaxy System £1450 + VAT CTC tor above 1:0 £1280 BK mucrosoft basic ALL NON KIT ITEMS Green Screen Monitor £417 + VAT

UART far above LO £14 4G i ROM

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