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April–June 1982, Volume 1, Issue 2

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GM813 CPU/64K RAM Card

The Gemini GM813 is a new 80-BUS compatible CPU card incorporating 64K dynamic RAM and utilising the powertul ZBQA microprocessor running at 4MHz. Extended addressing and page mocie facilities allow for future memory expansion up to 2 megabytes. input and output capabilities include both prograrnmatble serial and paraltel interlaces – R$232. 1200 baud CUTS cassetie interface and the ZB0A PIO. When used with the GM842 video card, the GM813’s unique RP/M monitor allows the creation of cassetie or EPROM based programs or files which are upwards compatible with a disk based CP/M system.



The new GMB16 Gemini! board takes a unique approach fo the problems of interlacing your Nascom or Gemini Mult-board to external devices. This 80 Bus and Nas-Bus Compatible card is supplied fully built, populated and tested and includes three 780 PIOs, a CIC and a Real Time Clock with battery back-up. In addition, a range of ‘daughter’ boards that attach straight to the /O board are under development, catering for a wide variety of interfacing requirements.


GM816 Gemini I/O board Prototyping daughter board MicroValue price – MicroValue price — £125.-var 8.var


The EV Computers’ IEEE-488 card is an 80 Bus and Nas-Bus compatible card designed to fully implement all IEEE-488 interlace functions. This built and tested card gives the user a

ery cost effective and versatile method of controlling any equipment fitted with a MicroValue introductory 8 price £440 + var

stondard lEEE488 or GP4B interface. MP626 MICRODE 32K BATTERY BACKED STATIC RAM CARD

Provides 32K bytes of battery backed RAM, Page Mode is fully supported offering 1 x 32K or 2 independent 16K pages of memory retained for over 40 days without external power.

MicroValue price £170 + VAT


COMAL 80’ – The extended BASIC with powerful PASCAL structures at £4004 VAT

GEM PEN” = – A comprehensive text editor and text formatting package ot $454 VAT

GEM ZAP* = – A very fast 780 assembler with comprehensive screen editing of £454 VAT

OEM DEBUG – A debugging ulllity program including race and disassembly features. £30+V

COMPAS = – An interactive PASCAL sysiem with on-screen editor. Generates Z80 machine code. £4504 VaT

COPY $8 0 – Allows transfer of programs and files between Gemini DODDS and Superbrain DD & QD formats. $304 VAT

LISTREPAIR – LIST © the CPIM TYPE command and provides pagi

replaces ging. headings, line numbering, etc. REPAIR is for G809/1G815 systems and allows reading and writing of individual disk sectors to assist recovery of lost data, £254 VAT

* Available on cassette or disk COMING SOON – AP/L eee

SOFTWARE FOR THE GEMINI DISK SYSTEM FOR NASCOM 14 OR 2 Choose from either the industry standard CPIM 2.2 D.OS. or POLYDOS – a unique,

versatile and well presemied = opi442 2 – toruse with GM805. .. _ £4004VAT DOS that Includes an edilor, BGs 4 . tor use with GMB0S . “$904 VAT

assembler and adds disk Nescom – CPIM2.2—foruse with M845... £4004 Var comunands to the POLYDOS2 – for use with GMB1S &GM809 . 690+ VAT

FAREHAM, HANTS. LEEDS Allegro Electronics Ltd., Leeds Computer Centre, Newgate Lane industrial Estate, 62 The Balcony, Merrion Centre.

Newgate Lane. Tel: (____) ______ Tel: (____) ______


Based around the successful Nascom 2 compuier, this new system can be built up into a complete disk based system. Supplied,

built and fested complete with PSU, Nas-Sys 3 and Nas-Gra.

48K system MicroValue price —


CPIM 2.2 MicroValue price —

£1004 var


My-42 SPECIAL – comprises of @ Nascom 2 kit, NasSys 3, NasGra Graphics ROM, Bits & programmers aid, Gemini GM807K 3AMP PSU kit, Gemini GM802K 46K RAM kit Normal RRP over £405

fexpandabie to 64K) and a Micro mother board. MicroValue price £340+ VAT save £65

NASCOM 2KIT£225+VAT _—_ Built & Tested £285+ VAT 80x25 VIDEO FOR RAasSCOM

Nascom owners can now have a professional 80x 25 Video display by using the Gemini G842 intelligent Video Card with onboard Z80A. This card does not occupy system memory space and provides over 50 user controllable functions including prog

character sel, fully compatible with Gemini G805 and G815i809

Disk Systems. uit’ and Neied. 5440+ VAT @M180 NASCOM – NASCOM 4 PRINTED CIRCUIT gives Nascom 2 graphics capability io your Nascom 4. linc. parts list}

only £20+ VAT £25+VAT


POLYTEXT – a text editor/formatting package for use with POLYDOS Micro’

Value $35+ Val MATHSPAK – Double precision maths package on tape. MicroValue $43+VAT MATHSPAK HANDLER – Used in conjunction with MATHSPAK = MicroValue £9.95+ VAT

COMMAND EXTENDER – For use with MATHSPAK it extends BASIC’s reserve word list price £9.95+VAT Loic gor RELOCATER – A software relocating package which al isasseMbly = NASPEN...... 00.00. RRP £30+ VAT . MicroValue price £20+ VAT and reassembly fram NasSys3.....0...... RRP £25+VAT . MicroValue price £20+ VAT onyw! map Nasbis D-Bug RRPS50+VAT. price £304 VAT memory map. NasDisD-Bug{TAPE] .. RRPS40+ VAT . MicroValue price £20+ VAT Mace nto evAt -. BRPS30+ VAT. MicroValue price £20+ VAT Bits&PCsProg Aid... RRPS28+VAT . MicroValue price £204 VAT


GM809 —- full Nas-Bus floppy disk controller card -— drives up to 4 drives – optional 8" expansion – £125 + VAT.

GM8&15 – Double density disk system.

With a thousand in daily use, the Gemini Disk systern is now the standard for Nascom and Gemini Multiboard systerns. Single or twin drive configurations are available, giving 350K storage per drive. The CPIM 2.2 package available supports on-screen editing with either the normal Nascom or Gernini VC screens. parallel or serial printers, and culo

si ible density selection. An optional alternative

to CPIM is available for Nascom owners wishing to support existing software. Called POLYDOS 2, # includes an editor and assembler and extends the

Nascom BASIC to include disk commands.

drive system CP/M 2.2

, 6815/1) package +VAT £100: var Doubie drive system (G809, G815/2) POLYDOS 2 £675+var £90. var


___ _______ ____. Skytronics,

Tel: (__) ___ ____ Tx: ______ _ _____ ____, The Park. (quote ref: 1400) Tel: (____) _____/_____ MANCHESTER WETHERBY, W.YORKS E.V. Computing, Bits & PC’s

___ __ ____, Burnage.

Tet _____ _____

Tel: (___) ___ ____

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