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April–June 1982, Volume 1, Issue 2

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Gemini GALAXY 1 CP/M

A Multiboard based 80- BUS computer


* Twin Z80A CP/M System. * Full 64K CPIM 2.2 with

* 64K Dynamic RAM. screen edit facility.

* 800K Disk Storage (Formatted). * COMAL-80 structured BASIC. * 80x 25 Screen Format. % GEM ZAP Assembler! Editor. * Inverse Video. * GEM PEN Text Editor.

* Prog Character Generator. * GEM DEBUG

* 160x 75 Pixel Graphics. debugging software.

* Centronics Parallel 1/0. * RS232 HO.

* Light pen interface.

* 59-Key ASCII Keyboard.

Py coll scl cab

at Z80A C.P.U. « 48K RAM * 4K ROM « Industry standard QWERTY keyboard with numeric pad » 9’ GREEN C.R.T. « 1200 bd cassette * Music & sound

* Real time clock * Enhanced BASIC « Full editing facilities « Iniernal Suggested monitor expansion foruse with the FREE SOFTWARE! Home budget, bank reconciliation, SPACE Galaxy. £150+ VAT INVADERS, STAR TREK, SCRAMBLE, bank loan calculator, mortgage

calculator+7 other games. ee Educational

-— Geography, Maths, Spelling+4 part BASIC tutorial. OUIBS-Ovantum


High resolution plotting A business accounts package developed for the Galaxy,

on your MZ80K down to menu driven.

g Fesolution of a single 4. SALES LEDGER full VAT reports, statement, credit note + invoice

dot within a character cell.

A new BASIC is supplied with the following additional commands: LINE, WIPE, G SET, G RESEL_ Ze

facilities. 2. PURCHASE LEDGER full VAT reporis, statements, remittances. 3. NOMINAL LEDGER 250 analysis heads, trial balances, accruals & repayments. 4. STOCK CONTROL costing reports, price lists, etc.,

The systern is fully integrated. Comprehensive £400 +VAT audit trails are printed. Specially developed for Specify disk tormat Multiboard based systems. when ordering

Quantum Hi-COPY FOR MZ80K Quantum OATAPLOW package.

This combination of hardware & software not only allows printing _ Allows searching, sorting, report printing, file printing and label printing. Anything which is filed manually can S 4 20 + VAT

of the full Sharp character set, but allows a full High Resolution i C print of the actual screen if used with the Hi-Res graphics option. pe filed more efficiently with DATAFLOW , wet Available in 2 versions ‘ sys . when ordering SEROSHA GP100A, interface, inforieos & ROMS & du a screen mp £300 00. dump BASIC, BASIC suitable for use with any DAISY WHEELS ARE DOWN — + VAT ‘ including printer £90.00. var exciuding printer ONLY £485.-var For less than the price of some dot matrix printers, the Smith-SPECIAL Quantum Hi-Res Only £70.00 if purchased with Corona TP-4 brings the benefits of daisywheel printers within the Quantum GP400A HECopy reach of most micro users. Now letters, documents, forms, OFFER = Quantum Mza0K Games Packs 4-5 £5.00+VATeach _ invoices, reports, price lists, etc., ro can be printed with the quolity St Sees that until now was not readily EPSON PRINTERS ) aflordable fh & Simple reliable mechanism. | Epson MX80 H1....£349 + V; j) x Serial or Parallel interface., / Epson MX80 11 £389+- V; / + IEEE option. ‘ Epson MX4100 Type lil ..£499 + VAT, x Single sheet and i . fantoid paper. ‘


a reen Tel: (034) 337 5644 Tel: (0784) » Tx: 264475

( Lich) lectronics, Oaktield Comer, mies Tel: (02403) 22307. Ix: 837788. Tel: (0272) 4241496

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