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April–June 1982 · Volume 1 · Issue 2

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Use Modify to change the two bytes at 0621H

from21 7A
toDF 5B

I’m sure you can guess what that does, and if you can’t, you can look it up in the Nas-Sys manual under ‘how to end a program’. Excuse the digression. Once you have Zeap in your memory use the Modify command on the following:

AddressWaschange to
and at15EB, 1644, 1853, 185B, 1B36, 1B94, 1BFD, 1C0E, 1C17, 1020, 1C2C
1082, 1CBF, 1CC8, 1CD2, 1DE2, 1B20, 1E30, 1E40, 1E73, 1EE7, 1FBA

All the above changes move the screen to the place CP/M expects to find it except 1849, which took rather a while to find … it’s used to locate the cursor on the screen, and is the 2’s complement of the number they actually mean…

I’m now working on disk save/​get routines from within ZEAP, though where I’ll put them I don’t know; probably I’ll remove the +/– option adjust. that gives me the two command letters I require, and a bit of room inside ZEAP. I guess one of the routines will have to appear at 2000H, so I’ll have to move the start of text to allow for that. Full marks to the writers of ZEAP for making that bit easy, if nothing else. By the way, all this surgery upsets the routine that checks that all’s well within ZEAP, so you’ll get Error 90 every time you do a cold start. The way around that is to find a unused byte, such as 1FFDH (I hope) and fiddle with it till ZEAP starts OK.

I’ve also got Nas-Pen (compatible) working (guess what I wrote this on) under CP/M but I can’t for the life of me remember how I did it. Still, someone else has done it, and documented it too, so find that and the world is yours.

PiP PiP Chaps.

INPUTting and READing Double Precision Constants (continued)

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