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April–June 1982, Volume 1, Issue 2

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The book comes in two volumes, one of 160 pages comprising the notes and commentary, and one of 82 pages comprising the listings of the compiler and interpreter. Due to currency differences, I cannot give an exact price, but it is expensive – say in the £22 (sterling) region. I think that it would not prove very valuable to the average microcomputer user – I’d suggest P.J. Brown’s ‘Writing Interactive Compilers and Interpreters’ or the same author’s ‘Pascal from BASIC’ as being of more general use. If you are interested in the design of compilers, then a detailed study of one of the important modern compilers for a modern structured language may well prove enticing. See it first! After all £22 is a lot of money for a book, even in this inflationary age. A note in the book says that machine readable versions of the source programs are available from the publisher. These would be of interest if one had access to a larger machine to cross compile the compiler, subject to compatibility of formats and pricing. Most probably the source will be available only in professional tape and floppy disk formats.


One Nascom RAM A board with 32K RAM and ROM (4x2708) ZEAP. Works perfectly at 2.5 or 4MHz. £75 the lot. Phone ____-______ evenings.

Nascom 1, 32K RAM, 8K ROM BASIC, graphics, Nas-Bug & Nas-Sys, sound, many extras including tapes (games, assembler, etc). Built in professional case. All documentation and INMC mags. £250 ONO. Tandy thermal printer (works with Nascom) £70 ONO. Both £300 ONO. Phone Southend (____) _____ – Evenings.

Teletype KSR33 printer. Excellent condition. RS232 i/f. Demonstration on Nascom 2. £70. Keyboard plus case. 80 keys. £10. Tel. Crowthorne ____.

Nascom 2, 4MHz, 1200 baud, 32K RAM, keyboard case, cassette player, programs, books, graphics. £300. 56 2114’s 200nS, 4 2716 5V EPROMs £60. ___-___-____.

Teletype. Creed 444 (recent model) in excellent condition. Ideal for program listings. Includes software and serial interface for immediate connection to your Nascom 2. All this for only £75. Pick up from Chelmsford (Essex) or Crewe (Cheshire). Phone Mark Hughes on (____) ______.

Bits and P.C.s Toolkit in EPROM. £15. Mr Trewartha. Tel. ____-_____.

IBM 3982 heavy duty Golfball printer with split platen, pin feed platen, 6 fabric ribbons, 6 carbon film ribbons, 2 golfballs (Courier 72, US ASCII) and box of wide pinfeed paper. £250 ONO. Phone _____-____. (Bucks.)


There is now a Nascom Owners Club in Northern Ireland. The club meets every 2nd Wednesday in each month at Newburn Electronics, __ _____ ____, Ballycarry, Co. Antrim. Tel. Whitehead _____.

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