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April–June 1982, Volume 1, Issue 2

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Adventures are possibly the most fascinating and addictive computer games, but until now REAL adventures have only been available for machines with disks or a lot of memory – and at high prices.

Not any more! Level 9 adventures need no disks: just Nas-Sys and 16K or 32K of memory, depending on version. The versions differ only in the size of text descriptions and in price: only £8 for 16K and £10 for 32K games.

In the games, the program acts as your eyes and ears to a fantastic world of welrd settings, creatures from myth and legend, subtle puzzles, great risks and greater rewards... and, of course, magic.

Each adventure has over 200 individually described locations, and large numbers of treasures and creatures. In fact, a game may take you weeks to solve – but we provide a save command so that you can return to everyday life for a while and continue the game later; and we’ll give a hint if you get stuck, However, playing the games could not be simpler – you just type in English phrases to tell the program what you want to do.


Level 9 adventures are written in a super-compact Jamguage called ta-code! and use text compressed to a fraction of normal. This makes them possible.

Colossal Adventure ...cesceeecececee 16K/32K Machine Code ......+-. £B/£10

A complete, full scale version of the original classic mainframe game “Adventure". You’ll find all of the treasures, creatures and rooms that you will have seen hinted at in computer magazines.

And the standard end-game, with only 2 locations, has been enlarged by a new ending with over 70 extra roome! No one else gives you this bonus.

Adventure Quest (ready mid-August) . 16K/32K Machine Code ..+..+... £8/£10

From the great forest, across the burning desert, up ore mountain, braving fire, marsh and illusion on ® quest to save Middle Earth from Tyranny.

Use sworda, spells and subtlety te combat opponents from dogs to demons, from ghosts to ghouls, and from wizards to 200-foot worms.


FREE P&P, NO VAT, Money back if not happy. Supplied on high quality tapes with full instructions. Send order or large SAE for detaile of our range of games (Astercids, Missile Defence ete.) to: Level 9 Computing 229 Hughenden Road, High Wycombe, Bucks, HP13 5PG Note to Nascom 1 owners: you will need Nae-Sys & Cottis Blandford interface




Geri intr FRopDpulTS FbLSOo STOocrep

Computer Systems Built for Special Applications

Fersonal FeArRL mow 286 e a labd e& om MAAS Tor Create all your business programs for less than £200


19, Station Road,

Lower Parkstone,

Poole, Dorset, BHi4 SUB. Tel: Parkstone (0202) 746455

L )


Futura Soruare

Introducing the FUTURA graphics chip for the NASCOM.

It has 128 special graphics characters including :– Arcade specials – space invaders, galaxians, “= = pacmen & maze makers, cs Adventure – treasure chests, JL wizards, dwarfs, monsters, Space Fantasy – robots, UFO’s, droids, aliens, starfighters,# ga Plus – skiers, race Cars, aircraft, rockets & bombs, #§® laser fire, flashes, explosions, space debris, trees, mushrooms and lots more «ee

¥** Free Comoetition Win £25 *** ami SAE for details. Closing date 31/12/82. Please add 50p P+P per order. a Send to : FUTURA SOFTWARE

63, Lady Lane,Chelmsford, Essex, CM20TQ.

Only £5-:99

—syrbis sorrware— *xASTOUNDING*,

NASCOM 142 PROGRAMS Adventure 16k


Zap Z80 Macro Assembler

Adventure 16k

The maintrame game Adventure has become a classic. Now, for the first time, you can play this 16K version on your Nascom. Descend into the mysterious Colossal Cave, marvel at the wonders within, collect the treasures that lie buried deep inside; keep your wits about you as you face various hazards such as killer dwarvas, fierce green snakes all preventing exploration of the cave.

As you wander around the scores of ‘rooms’ (directing your quest with English words as commands) you become deeply absorbed in this new and fascinating version of the ‘Adventurd game. As demonstrated at the 1981 PCW Show and Compec ‘81.

ONLY £45

We think this is the most advanced assembler yet available for the

Nascom. Specially designed to get optimal use for programmers using the NAS-SYS series of monitors, source programs can be stored much more compactly due to its remarkable text compression feature. Its powerful macro facility allows easy duplication of repetitive sequences of instructions or the implementation of ‘extra’ instructions. Among its many features are Conditional assembly, Multi-line statements,Full error descriptions, Assembly to memory, memory plus displacement, or nowhereExtra mnemonics including RCAL, SCAL, ROUT,CLA etc. Powerful pseudo-ops. —_ When writing Z80 assembly programs you need powerful software tools.

The ZAP Z80 Assembler is one of these tools; it makes the assembly

Assembler writer’s task a great deal easier. Zap Z80 Macro ONLY ES

A comprehensive manuai, with examples, is supplied.

details, to:

Other programs include Breakout, Games Tape, Text Editor, Relocater. Programs are supplied on cassette (please state tape format when ordering), and run on Nascom 1/2 in Z80 machine code, under NAS-SYS.

Send cheque or PO. including .55p post and packing, or SAE for futher

Syrtis Software-23,Quantock Rd-Bridgwater wits Somerset TAG TEG

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