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November–December 1982, Volume 1, Issue 4

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Nasbug Programs

Land the spacecraft. Real time. Can you make NASA proud of you.
T2Reaction Test (as S2)0C50-0FCC0.25
T3Bouncing Beastie (as S3)0D00-0DAB0.10
T4Reverse (as S4)0C60-0F880.25
T5Double Mastermind (as S5)0C50-0FD50.30
The hex digits are displayed and then flash one at a time. By pressing any key the character corresponding to the code will be displayed.
T7JJ (as S7)0C50-0DE50.20
T9Random Buzz-words (as S9)0C50-0F350.20
T10Quiz Program + Italian (as S10)0C50-0DAA0.25
T21TV Test Pattern0D00-0D190.05
Displays test pattern to set up TV.
The classic game of NIM.
Shoot the descending aliens before they get you!
T24Octal-Hexadecimal (as S24)0D00-0DBC0.15
T2624 Hour Digital Clock0D00-0D7B0.15
T28Decimal-Hexadecimal (as S28)0C90-0D070.10
The ubiquitous simulation of Life, using special characters to give an expanded universe. Very fast.
T31Compact Editor0F70-0FDF0.05
T32Carre Chinois0C50-0F5F0.40
We have no idea of what this game is or what it does. But it is totally written and extensively commented in French!
T33Lollypop Lady Trainer0C60-0F950.50
A classic! See if you can get the chickens across the road without them getting run over.
T34Random I-Ching (as S34)0C50-0CF30.15
T35Walled Chase.0C50-0E270.50
One player chases another, but there are invisible walls in the way which appear when you hit them. Compulsive.
T36Sub-Search (as S36)0E0B-0F310.25
T37Random Display00C60-00840.05
Random patterns of asterisks.
Hit the randomly displayed submarines with your steerable depth charges.
Burst The Balloon0C50-0E020.50
Shoot the balloons as they make their way up the screen at the mercy of random breezes. Frustrating.

Nascom 8K BASIC Programs

Is‘your problem health, sex (yes please), money or your job? Let this fun program make some suggestions.
B2Russian Roulette0.15
Will you or your Nascom survive as you take it turns to fire a revolver at yourselves?
B4Cubist Art0.05
Impress the neighbours with the artistic capability of your Nascom. Sort of animated wallpaper. (Graphics ROM required.)
Enter the year required (between 1601 and 2399) and let the Nascom calculate and display the calender for that year.
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