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May–June 1983, Volume 2, Issue 3

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Both compilers provide a way to include machine code routines in erograms, and call. them. This means that they both adwit that carefully written machine code Hoes even faster than their standard run time routinesr I suerose. There is no shame in that. Still» given the rrogram seeed that either compiler dives YOU s saghine code routines are only rarely – necessary, when vou are using the computer to control some tricky ‘Peripheral, for example.

Both compilers have random number routinesr but the Hisoft one is primitives as it just returns the contents of the Z8Q refresh resister, which often causes Programs that use it to be far less random than the programmer wanted them toa be. Compas has a function “random( id" which returns an inteser roiin the range Oeriezi. This is verv useful in: dame erogramming!

Another of the things Pascal could have dene with is a little extension to the CASE statement, so that vou could specify what was to hareen if the controlling variable didn’t match any of the items in the CASE statement. Surrrise! Compas has OTHERS, and Hisoft has ELSE. These mean the same as each other!—

CASE i OF. CASE i OF =- 208 WRITEC ‘one’ 93 1: WRITEC ‘one’ 35 2.8 WRITEC ‘tun’ 5 2 t WRITE ‘twot 3 OTHERS? WRITEC ‘lots’ > ELSE WRITEC ‘lots’ )


Standard Pascal only knows about seauential files, Compras has random a&cess files toc. Hisoft have been eramising to add theses but have not vet dene its or have forsetten ta send me the new version!

In the event that vou manage to write ao Program “that is tos bid for vour machiner what can vou de? If you have Compas, vou can chain prodrams,» which is handy. You can dae it with Hiseft rrograms as welly IF vou know enough about using CP/M.

Selling vour programs.

If vou write it with Compass vou are forced by the licence vou have signed te pay Polyvdata aio rercentase of the money vou set far vour Program. This is supPosedly because the rerosram will centain FPolyvdata’s run time routines. In facts they would be -of no use to the buver on their owny with no way of knowing how to call them. Peorle who sell software with cenditions like this attached should be forced to sav so in their advertising. Given the erice of Compas, T think they ought to be harpey with what they haver and not try to make even more money from the work of others. Hiseft do NOT demand money in this wav.


A0en Sent me sine se wa sam ann sane lide ee

The suitability or otherwise of either of the compilers for your PurFoses will depend very much on what those rureoses are. If vou want to write large suites of business prosirams, and do it without having te write youtown routines to dao fancy screen handlings string handling and high precisien calculations for yous then it will have to be Compas. You will also have all the betHer of raving them asain if vou sell vour work. If. on the other hands vou want to learn Pascal, and write amazing games: fast contre] programs and generally stay close to "Proper" Pascal» then ao for Hisoeft. Thens when you sell 104,409 cories of vour dame to all the Srectrum owners Cves, Hisoft Pascal 4 is available far the SPectrum, so you can write dames/ete for a huge market!i] you can keer all the Moneys until the tax man finds out. My own preference? Frankly, it is the Hiseft Products and I am looking forward toa the dav they bring out Modula 2!


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