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July–August 1983, Volume 2, Issue 4

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MV256 Relocating Graphics Drivers N-80 20 Jun 1983 23:54 PAGE 1-J MV256 Relocating Graphics Drivers M-80 20 Jun 1983 23:54 PAGE 1-2 Disk read/write routines for MV256 Disk read/write routines for MV256

OA93 OB 15 LD C, WRFL OADA 38 10 LD A,16 0A95 = CD -«0005 CALL —- BDOS OADC =—- BB cP E oA9S8 BT OR A Test for successful OADD 20 «EF oR NZ, LOS3 0A99 «28 «OB JR 2,083 write OADF =D DEC EB OAOB 11 OCID LD DE, GMESS2 Write failed, OAEO = 7B LGS4: LD A,E

R go say so OAR CB 27 SLA A

16 pixels yet?


No, go go and get the next Fudge the pixel count Put the pixel count

in MSBs of A

on te en om

OAAO CD 0005 CALL BDOS OAE5 CB 27 SLA OAA3 Bi POP HL Lose AF and HL OABT CB 27 SLA OAA4 MA POP AF off the stack OAES 82 ADD A,D OAAS cg RET OABA. Dt POP DE OAA6 FM GS3: POP AP OAEB 12 LD (DE) ,A OAA7 Hi POP HL OAEC 13 INC DE OAA8 20 D9 JR NZ,GS2 All done? No, go OAED 7 LD A,H round again OAEE BS OR L

; Now close the file and go home OAEF cs RET 4 OAAA 11 0068 LD DE, FCB OAFO 10 DS DINZ Lgs2


OAAF cD 0005 CALL BDOS ; Get a pixel OAB2 3c INC A Test for successful OAF3 cD O8EO GCOL: CALL READY OABS co RET NZ close R OAB4 11 0039 LD DE, GMESS3 Close failed, so say so OAF6 7 LD AH R OAFT D3 CB out (YCL),A OABT OF 09 LD C, PRS OAF9 7D LD AL OAB9 CD 0005 CALL BDOS OAFA D3 C9 ouT (XCL),A OABC cg RET OAFC 3E OF LD A, OFH OAFE =—-3.- CO. our (CMD) ,A Get a buffer full into TBUF OBOO CD OBEO CALL READY The four MSBs of each byte represent 1 to 16 pixels R of the same colour. OB03 DB DO In A, (GETCOL) The four LSBs represent the colour. OBO5 B6 OF AND OFH OABD 41 0080 GSt: LD DE, TBUF ; Point to temporary OBOT cg RET OACO 06 80 LD B,128 t output buffer OAC2 AF XOR A ; Clear out MSBs OAC3 D3 CA our (YOM) ,A : of X and Y registers oAc5 = sD. CB our (xem) A

Add the colour to it

Get the TBUF pointer back Save the byte

Point to next in TBUF Teat for end of screen

Go home write out anyway More required in TBUF TBUF full so write it out

Send H&L to Y & X

Send GET PIXEL command

Wait till done

Get the pixel Get rid of MSBs

we ee ee end

ROUTINE GLOAD Send graphics file to screen GLOAD(NS) OBO8 CD OBSC Lt CALL FCRI Save the TBUF pointer R OAC8 =: 1E-00 LD E,0 Set the pixel counter OBOB 11 0C68 LD DE, FCB OACA CD OAF3 CALL GcoL Get a pixel R

R OBOE OB OF LD C,OPNFL OACD 57 LD DA Save it OB10 cD 0005 CALL BDOS OACE 23 LGS3: INC HL Point to next pixel OB13 3C INC A OACF (33 LD AH Test for end of screen OB14 20 09 JR NZ,GLt OADO BS OR L OBI6 11 0051 LD DE, GMESS4 OAD1 28 OD JR 2, L084 Is end, so write it out R OAD3 CD OARS CALL GcoL Get the next pixel OB19 OE 09 LD c, PRS

R OBIB CD 0005 CALL BDOS OAD6 -=—s-BA cP D Is it the same OBIE 9c RET OAD7 20 07 JR NZ, LGS4 No, write out last colour OADS 4c INC E Yes, so inc pixel counter

om tm am TY

Get name into the FCB

OACT DS LGS2: PUSH DE Open the file

we ee ew

Test successful open

Open failed, so say so

eh ee


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