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September–October 1983 · Volume 2 · Issue 5

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Part 3

By Carl Lloyd–Parker

Dis-assembly of NASCOM ROM BASIC Ver 4.7                PAGE    24

E668 FE20       PUTBUF: CP      " "             ; Is it a control code?
E66A DA10E6             JP      C,MORINP        ; Yes - Ignore
E66D 78         PUTCTL: LD      A,B             ; Get number of bytes in buffer
E66E FE49               CP      72+1            ; Test for line overflow
E670 3E07               LD      A,CTRLG         ; Set a bell
E672 D282E6             JP      NC,OUTNBS       ; Ring bell if buffer full
E675 79                 LD      A,C             ; Get character
E676 71                 LD      (HL),C          ; Save in buffer
E677 32CC10             LD      (LSTBIN),A      ; Save last input byte
E67A 23                 INC     HL              ; Move up buffer
E67B 04                 INC     B               ; Increment length
E67C CD9BE6     OUTIT:  CALL    OUTC            ; Output the character entered
E67F C310E6             JP      MORINP          ; Get another character

E682 CD9BE6     OUTNBS: CALL    OUTC            ; Output bell and back over it
E685 3E08               LD      A,BKSP          ; Set back space
E687 C37CE6             JP      OUTIT           ; Output it and get more

E68A 7C         CPDEHL: LD      A,H             ; Get H
E68B 92                 SUB     D               ; Compare with D
E68C C0                 RET     NZ              ; Different - Exit
E68D 7D                 LD      A,L             ; Get L
E68E 93                 SUB     E               ; Compare with E
E68F C9                 RET                     ; Return status

E690 7E         CHKSYN: LD      A,(HL)          ; Check syntax of character
E691 E3                 EX      (SP),HL         ; Address of test byte
E692 BE                 CP      (HL)            ; Same as in code string?
E693 23                 INC     HL              ; Return address
E694 E3                 EX      (SP),HL         ; Put it back
E695 CA36E8             JP      Z,GETCHR        ; Yes - Get next character
E698 C3ADE3             JP      SNERR           ; Different - ?SN Error

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NASCOM ROM BASIC source code is available in ASM and LST file format.

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