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July–August 1983, Volume 2, Issue 4

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Dis-assembly of NASCOM ROM BASIC Ver 4.7                PAGE    2


1000            WRKSPC  EQU     1000H           ; BASIC Work space
1003            USR     EQU     1003H           ; "USR (x)" jump
1006            OUTSUB  EQU     1006H           ; "OUT p,n"
1007            OTPORT  EQU     1007H           ; Port (p)
1009            DIVSUP  EQU     1009H           ; Division support routine
100A            DIV1    EQU     100AH           ; <- Values
100E            DIV2    EQU     100EH           ; <-   to
1012            DIV3    EQU     1012H           ; <-   be
1015            DIV4    EQU     1015H           ; <-inserted
1017            SEED    EQU     1017H           ; Random number seed
103A            LSTRND  EQU     103AH           ; Last random number
103E            INPSUB  EQU     103EH           ; #INP (x)" Routine
103F            INPORT  EQU     103FH           ; PORT (x)
1041            NULLS   EQU     1041H           ; Number of nulls
1042            LWIDTH  EQU     1042H           ; Terminal width
1043            COMMAN  EQU     1043H           ; Width for commas
1044            NULFLG  EQU     1044H           ; Null after input byte flag
1045            CTLOFG  EQU     1045H           ; Control "O" flag
1046            LINESC  EQU     1046H           ; Lines counter
1048            LINESN  EQU     1048H           ; Lines number
104A            CHKSUM  EQU     104AH           ; Array load/save check sum
104C            NMIFLG  EQU     104CH           ; Flag for NMI break routine
104D            BRKFLG  EQU     104DH           ; Break flag
104E            RINPUT  EQU     104EH           ; Input reflection
1051            POINT   EQU     1051H           ; "POINT" reflection (unused)
1054            PSET    EQU     1054H           ; "SET"   reflection
1057            RESET   EQU     1057H           ; "RESET" reflection
105A            STRSPC  EQU     105AH           ; Bottom of string space
105C            LINEAT  EQU     105CH           ; Current line number
105E            BASTXT  EQU     105EH           ; Pointer to start of program
1061            BUFFER  EQU     1061H           ; Input buffer
1066            STACK   EQU     1066H           ; Initial stack
10AB            CURPOS  EQU     10ABH           ; Character position on line
10AC            LCRFLG  EQU     10ACH           ; Locate/Create flag
10AD            TYPE    EQU     10ADH           ; Data type flag
10AE            DATFLG  EQU     10AEH           ; Literal statement flag
10AF            LSTRAM  EQU     10AFH           ; Last available RAM
10B1            TMSTPT  EQU     10B1H           ; Temporary string pointer
10B3            TMSTPL  EQU     10B3H           ; Temporary string pool
10BF            TMPSTR  EQU     10BFH           ; Temporary string
10C3            STRBOT  EQU     10C3H           ; Bottom of string space
10C5            CUROPR  EQU     10C5H           ; Current operator in EVAL
Dis-assembly of NASCOM ROM BASIC Ver 4.7                PAGE    3

10C7            LOOPST  EQU     10C7H           ; First statement of loop
10C9            DATLIN  EQU     10C9H           ; Line of current DATA item
10CB            FORFLG  EQU     10CBH           ; "FOR" loop flag
10CC            LSTBIN  EQU     10CCH           ; Last byte entered
10CD            READFG  EQU     10CDH           ; Read/Input flag
10CE            BRKLIN  EQU     10CEH           ; Line of break
10D0            NXTOPR  EQU     10D0H           ; Next operator in EVAL
10D2            ERRLIN  EQU     10D2H           ; Line of error
10D4            CONTAD  EQU     10D4H           ; Where to CONTinue
10D6            PROGND  EQU     10D6H           ; End of program
10D8            VAREND  EQU     10D8H           ; End of variables
10DA            ARREND  EQU     10DAH           ; End of arrays
10DC            NXTDAT  EQU     10DCH           ; Next data item
10DE            FNRGNM  EQU     10DEH           ; Name of FN argument
10E0            FNARG   EQU     10E0H           ; FN argument value
10E4            FPREG   EQU     10E4H           ; Floating point register
10E7            FPEXP   EQU     FPREG+3         ; Floating point exponent
10E8            SGNRES  EQU     10E8H           ; Sign of result
10E9            PBUFF   EQU     10E9H           ; Number print buffer
10F6            MULVAL  EQU     10F6H           ; Multiplier
10F9            PROGST  EQU     10F9H           ; Start of program text area
115D            STLOOK  EQU     115DH           ; Start of memory test

                ; BASIC ERROR CODE VALUES

0000            NF      EQU     00H             ; NEXT without FOR
0002            SN      EQU     02H             ; Syntax error
0004            RG      EQU     04H             ; RETURN without GOSUB
0006            OD      EQU     06H             ; Out of DATA
0008            FC      EQU     08H             ; Function call error
000A            OV      EQU     0AH             ; Overflow
000C            OM      EQU     0CH             ; Out of memory
000E            UL      EQU     0EH             ; Undefined line number
0010            BS      EQU     10H             ; Bad subscript
0012            DD      EQU     12H             ; Re-DIMensioned array
0014            DZ      EQU     14H             ; Division by zero (/0)
0016            ID      EQU     16H             ; Illegal direct
0018            TM      EQU     18H             ; Type miss-match
001A            OS      EQU     1AH             ; Out of string space
001C            LS      EQU     1CH             ; String too long
001E            ST      EQU     1EH             ; String formula too complex
0020            CN      EQU     20H             ; Can't CONTinue
0022            UF      EQU     22H             ; UnDEFined FN function
0024            MO      EQU     24H             ; Missing operand

This is an OCR’d version of the scanned page and likely contains recognition errors.

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