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November–December 1983 · Volume 2 · Issue 6

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An apology

Sorry; a little late again. My fault. Too much working and socialising and not enough editing. Anyway, this is the latest effort and I trust that you enjoy reading it and find a number of useful items in it.

Future issues

I have recently received a number of conflicting letters concerning the type of article that we publish. Some say “I now find very little of interest in the magazine” whilst others say “80-BUS News is invaluable – there is so much useful information in every issue that is just not available elsewhere” – both of these are actual quotes, both are probably right, but I’m pleased to say that the latter is the more frequent. It obviously depends on your individual interests, and there is no doubt that there is a fairly wide cross-section of readership. Really all I can do is repeat, for newcomers, what has been said before. All articles published in 80-BUS News are non-commissioned items received from readers. From these potential articles I select a cross-section of items to cover as wide a range of topics that I believe will be of reasonably wide interest. In the main this seems to be very successful, but starting with the next issue I will also start to include the occasional article that, in my own opinion, is aimed at a much more specialised area than normal. I await any feedback with interest. Incidentally, this means that if you have submitted an article that has not yet materialised, you are now in with a chance!


Owing to a little internal problem there are a couple of contributors to this esteemed publication who have not been remunerated for their efforts, and with whom we have lost contact. If this is you then please drop us a line stating the article for which payment is required. We will then try to oblige!

And finally

A belated Happy New Year to all our readers!


Nascom 1, 3 amp PSU, Cottis Blandford cassette interface, NAS-GRA graphics ROM, Space Invaders/​Defender graphics ROM, NAS A/N in EPROM, NAS-SYS 3, Assemblers, Disassemblers, Debug, BASIC, 9 slot motherboard (4 fitted), also Nascom bufferboard and Micropower 64K RAM/​buffer/​programmable graphics (RAM and both buffers faulty but diagnosed). All documentation, many other goodies. Purchase of N2 forces sale. £130. Phone Canterbury (____) ______.

Nascom 1, 48K, ZEAP, Nas-Sys 3, Hobbit micro-cassette drive and tapes, EPROM programmer, I/O board. Make me an offer. Phone Paul on Macclesfield (____) _____ evenings.

Nascom 1 with 32K RAM, B-BUG monitor in ROM. High speed cassette interface, teletype interface, floppy disk control card and drive unit. All built into a Harris VDU terminal, plus Teletype printer. Software – BASIC & assembler on disk and all documentation. £400 the lot, or prepared to split up. Tel. Mr Taylor, Boldon ______.

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