80-Bus News


November–December 1983, Volume 2, Issue 6

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Pascal Benchmark programs from Personal Computer World, Dec 1980, pages 59-61.

Corrections to the above, Personal Computer World, March 1981, pages 116-117.

Sage II benchmarks, Personal Computer World, February 1983, page 174.

Modern Microprocessor System Design” by Daniel R McGlynn, published by John Wiley and Sons, ISBN 0-471-06492-0.

Late extra bits!

Prompted by my unusually rude remarks, several people have stopped being apathetic, and volunteered to set up and organise software circulation systems for systems like theirs. Incidentally, would whoever is hanging onto the original Circle disc please put it back into circulation. It is an Inmac lifetime one, and the owner must be wishing he had used a cheap one!

Nascom users running Nas-Dos with Nascom double density drives should contact Roger Dowling, at __ __________ ____, Welling, Kent, ____ ___.

Users compatible with G805 using DCS-DOS and/or CP/M (but I don’t know what drives – Pertec, I assume?) should write to Ray Cutler, _ ________ ____, Cradley Heath, Warley, West Midlands, ___ ___. He says if you have a text editor to spare, it would help, as he is writing letters in the form of BASIC programs at present! No piracy, please…

I have been sent (by our generous editor) a huge pile of Nascom related items, which I hope to be able to get to work on soon. If you have been wondering what happened to your masterpiece for ages, I think I have it. Don’t worry, if it gets printed, you get paid, not me!


Letter to the Editor

Belectra Arithmetic Board

Dear Sir,

We wish to clarify the following points regarding the review of our Arithmetic processor board in Vol. 2 Issue 5 of 80-BUS News:

1) The Programming Manual is now printed on a printer with desenders.

2) Because Mr Parkinson received our review board directly from Gemini Microcomputers, who borrowed it for an exhibition, while some parts of the documentation came directly from us, he did not receive the complete documentation set. The HP5 Pascal compiler is a substantially enhanced version of HP4 and the Manual sent out with each board clearly lists all the differences and enhancements.

3) We have not tested our board with the Am9512 processor but we can see no reason why it should not work. Anyone requiring this alternative processor is welcome to contact us.

Yours faithfully
P.Holy, Director, Belectra Ltd.

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