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January–February 1984 · Volume 3 · Issue 1

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Again, labels will be substituted for addresses in look-up tables.

  1. On-screen editing using the cursor controls is available on all line-inputs to MDIS.
  2. MDIS works with XSUB. (One in the eye for DISZILOG).
  3. Allows tables of data area addresses and types to be redirected to come. from a text file on disk. This facility may be combined with input under XSUB.
  4. Screen paging is available if required but not to SYS standards. (Who needs both?)
  5. MDIS allows printed listings to be stopped after each page so that single sheet paper may be changed.
  6. Margins may be specified on all output listings so that mounting in ring binders is possible. A unique feature enables alternate pages to have margins so that if single sheet paper is in use, both sides may be used.
  7. Listings are formatted so that data areas are separated from code by a blank line to improve readability. Additionally, blank lines are also inserted after JP (ss) instructions and any unconditional jump, jump relative or return instructions.
  8. MDIS decodes NAS-SYS restarts correctly.
  9. Disassembles right up to FFFFH and will not overflow to 0, unlike many other disassemblers.
  10. MDIS allows selected portions of the object program to be disassembled (a useful subroutine for example) and will produce a stand alone program for reassembly.
  11. MDIS permits the user to enter titles and subtitles which will be used on page headings or after the appropriate pseudo-ops on Macro-80 source files.
  12. The user is allowed to define his own edit keys (even on systems without user defineable keys on the keyboard).
  13. MDIS will accept a printer initialisation string to be entered for ease of use.
  14. A user subroutine area has been included for those special initialisation jobs (like redefining the numeric keypad as cursor controls on the Rotec keyboard – a routine to do this is provided free).
  15. MDIS works on ANY system running CP/M-80 [properly!!! Superbrains don’t like it. – Ed.].

At #50, MDIS surpasses all other CP/M disassemblers in both performance and price. Too good to be true? Most of the Microvalue Dealers will provide a free demonstration to callers on request. Finally, those of you who have versions 2.1 or 2.2 will know that MDIS was protected against disassembling itself and against copying to other systems. In spite of the possibility of rip-offs, version 2.3 has had these checks removed for two reasons. Firstly, it was causing problems for some dealers where some computer manufacturers didn’t serialise their CP/M systems properly and second, I was feeling hypocritical as how do you think I obtain those pieces of software that I don’t write for myself.

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