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May–June 1984, Volume 3, Issue 3

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Use in Direct mode (NAS-SYS U command).

As NAS-DIS asks for memory addresses, unpredictable things may happen to the printer. This is because the subroutine outputs an ESC code, which the printer takes as the start of a control code. The cure:

– Either turn the printer momentarily off when NAS-DIS signals “Go?”
– Or change these memory locations in NAS-DIS:

CD00   00   NOP
CDO1   00   NOP
CD02   00   NOP


Change printer reflection:

0F04    DF 4C C9    SCAL "L RET

ZEAP U command will now list the source file, and ZEAP A command will, with option 04, give assembly listing.


Use in direct mode (NAS-SYS U command). It is possible to turn printing on and off from BASIC with DOKE statements:

Printer on – DOKE 3187,1912
Printer off – DOKE 3187,1913

Private Sales

Nascom 2 in Kenilworth case with fan; 40K RAM, I/O board with UART & 1 PIO. Cassette deck and display monitor. Nas-Sys 3, BASIC toolkit in ROM. Hullforth, Wordease, V&T Assembler and games on tape. Manuals and large number of Nascom related magazines. £200 ono, Tel: ______-___ Bucks.

Nascom 2 in Vero case, with Nas-Sys 3, toolkit, NasPen, ZEAP, Debug, Nas-Dis all in ROM. RAM B with 32K. Holmes/R&EW Colour card with real time clock, 8 port A-D, CMOS RAM, CTC and sound generators. Offers around £275. R.Dickenson, Otley (____) ______.

Nascom 2 with 64K RAM (GM802), spare RAM A board (32K), Kenilworth case, GM805 disk system with CP/M, 3 assemblers, 6 languages (including C and Fortran), Soundbox, GM822 real time clock, Sargon Chess and many other games, Nascom I/O board (2 x PIO + CTC), IMP printer and paper. £475 or offers. Call Julian on __-___-____ between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m.

64K Gemini MultiBoard with GM812 IVC, GM809 FDC, GM802 RAM and GM811 CPU cards. All in aluminium case with PSU, fan and 5 slot motherboard. GM827 keyboard in sloping case. GM825 dual disk drive (800K each). Reasonable offers for the lot (or might haggle over individual units). Dr P.D.Coker, __ ______ _____, Farnborough, Orpington, Kent ___ ___. (____ _____)

Nascom 2 with Graphics ROM, ZEAP(2.1), Castle cassette interface, mini-motherboard, Nas-Sys 3. 32K RAM A board. Nascom 3A power supply + digital filter. Gemini GM808 EPROM programmer plus software. Winchester Technology WT910 Nasbus sound board with an A-D convertor, onboard speaker, plus audio/​video outputs. Complete documentation for the above plus a few games tapes, leads to cassette etc + serial and parallel port leads. £299 ono for quick sale. Dr M.R Goulding Towcester (____) _____ eve, _____ ext. 366 day.

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