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May–June 1984, Volume 3, Issue 3

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d) NAS-DIS Use in Direct mode (NAS-SYS U command). As NAS-DIS asks for memory addresses, unpredictable things may happen to the printer. This is because the subroutine outputs an ESC code, which the printer takes as the start of a control code. The cure: – Either turn the printer momentarily off when NAS-DIS signals “Go?” – Or change these memory locations in NAS-DIS: cboo0 00 NOP cDol 00 NOP CD02 00 NOP

e) ZEAP Change printer reflection: OF 04 DF 4C C9 SCAL “L RET ZEAP U command will now list the source file, and ZEAP A command will, with option 04, give assembly listing.

f) BASIC Use in direct mode (NAS-SYS U command). It is possible to turn printing on and off from BASIC with DOKE statements:

Printer on – DOKE 3187,1912

Printer off – DOKE 3187,1913

Private Sales

Nascom 2 in Kenilworth case with fan; 40K RAM, I/O board with UART & 1 PIO. Cassette deck and display monitor. Nas-Sys 3, BASIC toolkit in ROM. Hullforth, Wordease, V&T Assembler and games on tape. Manuals and large number of Nascom related magazines. £200 ono, Tel: ______-___ Bucks.

Nascom 2 in Vero case, with Nas-Sys 3, toolkit, NasPen, ZEAP, Debug, Nas-Dis all in ROM. RAM B with 32K. Holmes/R&EW Colour card with real time clock, 8 port A-D, CMOS RAM, CTC and sound generators. Offers around £275. R.Dickenson, Otley (____) ______.

Nascom 2 with 64K RAM (GM802), spare RAM A board (32K), Kenilworth case, GM805 disk system with CP/M, 3 assemblers, 6 languages (including C and Fortran), Soundbox, GM822 real time clock, Sargon Chess and many other games, Nascom I/O board (2 x PIO + CTC), IMP printer and paper. £475 or offers. Call Julian on __-___-____ between 10 am. and 5 pm.

64K Gemini MultiBoard with GM812 IVC, GM809 FDC, GM802 RAM and GM811 CPU cards. All in aluminium case with PSU, fan and 5 slot motherboard. GM827 keyboard in sloping case. GM825 dual disk drive (800K each). Reasonable offers for the lot (or might haggle over individual units). Dr P.D.Coker, 23 Darwin Close, Farnborough, Orpington, Kent BR6 JEP. (____ _____)

Nascom 2 with Graphics ROM, ZEAP(2.1), Castle cassette interface, mini-motherboard, Nas-Sys 3. 32K RAM A board. Nascom 3A power supply + digital filter. Gemini GM808 EPROM programmer plus software. Winchester Technology WT910 Nasbus sound board with an A-D convertor, onboard speaker, plus audio/video outputs. Complete documentation for the above plus a few games tapes, leads to cassette etc + serial and parallel port leads. £299 ono for quick sale. Dr M.R Goulding Towcester (____) _____ eve, _____ ext. 366 day.

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