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Spring 1985 · Volume 4 · Issue 1

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first time was missed) then it just so happens that the string 1B 1B corresponds to the ‘List/​Edit …’ request.

For information and interest, let’s just consider what would happen the other way round (i.e. keyboard is GM827/​GM852, but IVC/SVC is set to GM821). The software is not looking for double-byte codes anymore, and so all function keys, plus the ESC key, will result in two characters being received, a 1BH plus another character. In particular, the ESC key will return 1B 00, and this will result in the correct action being taken for the ESC, but the 00 will put the system into Edit Mode. At the wrong time this may be disastrous! (N.B. The Gemini BIOSs have always allowed the Edit Mode code to be redefined if required, and the latest versions (V3.2 and later) allow it to be disabled altogether.

I hope that the above is useful (and understandable!).


In the ‘Letters to the Editor’ in the July – August 1984 edition of 80-BUS News (Volume 3, Issue 4), mention was made by Chris Hellen of Colchester of a BBC BASIC (Z80) for Z-80 based microcomputers including those of 80-BUS construction. This BBC BASIC was written by R T Russell and marketed by M-Tech of Norwich.

Please may I ask if you know the full address of M-Tech of Norwich, from whom further details of BBC Basic (Z80) might be obtained?

Yours truly, Ian Manning, Bristol.

Ed. – Most Gemini dealers should be able to obtain this for you, and in particular I do know that Off-Records in London deal extensively with this product.

Pleasant Uncertainty

Dear Editor (etc, etc)

Hello, John. It’s me again, ANGRY of Tonyrefail (remember!).

I’ve just read (and re-read) with great interest the VERY LATEST issue of 80-BUS News – July/​Aug 1984.

What I want to know is, what’s all this talk of printing my favourite 80-BUS oriented magazine on a ‘regular-as-clockwork’ type basis (Ed’s comments, bottom of page 4). Look Tosh, if one wants one’s reading matter delivered regularly, one could buy a subscription to PCW or Practical Computing or any one of the numerous other ‘pulp’ mags.

In my opinion, one of the best features of the good ol’ 80-BUS is the sense of nerve-tingling expectation one gets from wondering just exactly WHEN the next issue will flop through the letter box. With other mags. one starts to think “July is here, I can hardly wait for this month’s issue of XYZ magazine to arrive!”. But when one has a subscription to YOUR particular rag, one usually thinks “July is here, I wonder WHEN the March issue of 80-BUS will arrive??!’

If you proceed with your threat to print 80-BUS News regularly, I will CANCEL my subscription!!

The regularity of 80-BUS is analogous to the general condition of most people’s Nascoms, ie, “Will 80-BUS be printed this month?”, and “Will my Nascom work when I switch it on” (sez it all really, doesn’t it!).

Now to something totally different. Please inform Roger Dowling who’s running a Users’ Group for NasDos that I DEMAND an immediate retraction of his statement on Page 6 of this issue of 80-BUS — “The PolyDos Users Group only has 6 members”. Let it be known to all, said Polydos Users Group now has a total membership of 8 (or 17 if you count everyone twice. Now I NEVER said maths was my strong point!). If Mr Dowling does not wish to retract his grossly inaccurate statement, please inform him that I am quite willing to be persuaded by a generous donation to my favourite bank account.

Oh heck, is that the time! If I hurry I’ll just have enough time to flog a few peasants before lunch.

Yours truly, Dave ‘Head-Crash’ Richards, Tonyrefail, South Wales.

More Logic ?

Thank you for printing my article on Lucas in 80-BUS, Vol 3 No 4. Logic (Ilogic?) have sorted out my MDISK and XBASIC problem. I wrote to the General Manager (Mr Peter Seddon) who prodded the Engineering Manager (Mr Phil Purssell), who passed it on to John Phoenix. This last (untitled!) chap updated my XBASIC master disk for me, and MDISK under XBASIC is very nice, thank you very much. But who pays for all my postage?

The moral of the story:–

If you’re having troubles in an illogical way
And your letters are being chucked into the bay
Don‘t mess about with the bottom of the tip
Climb every mountain
And give Peter Seddon a lot of lip

Apologies to Mr Seddon, but it’s been a year of nearly wasted programming!

Yours truly, Dr David Plews, Keighley, W Yorks.

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