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Spring 1985, Volume 4, Issue 1

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CP/M User Group

I would like to echo David Plews’ comments in praise of the CPMUGUK (Vol 3, Issue 4 of 80-BUS News). I joined some months ago and soon found their journal essential reading (as is 80-BUS News of course!). The quantity of virtually free software is incredible. I haven’t even read all the index yet! The service from the ‘Librarian’ (Derek Fordred) is excellent; I normally receive disks within 9 days of posting off my request.

I have just received a graphics suite called PLOT 33 on SIG/M Volume 194. This suite allows the production of pictures, graphs, bar charts, etc, on my Epson MX80 type II. It can be driven from MBASIC, TURBO PASCAL and FOR­TRAN. It is extremely well documented – approximately 25 pages. It is easily configured to any of the popular dot matrix printers with addressable dot graphics. When I get the hang of it a bit better, I’ll try and write a review for 80-BUS News.

On another subject, the free ad. I placed in Vol 3, Iss 4 worked – I sold my PCG within a week of publication. Dr Plews may do better from his ad. in the same issue if it has contained his correct phone number! Ed. – Dr Plews has sent us his correct number, it is (they are!) Day ____ _____, Evening ____ _____. I have so far failed to contact him. By the way, I may be able to help him in dumping AVC pictures to his printer – I have unravelled GDUMP from Lucas Logic and modified it to operate as a subroutine to be called from Basic, etc,. I have also relocated it.

In addition, I have written routines to dump the AVC image to my Epson the right way up and smaller than the sideways picture produced by GDUMP. Any of these should be easily adapted to drive David’s Gemini 10X.

Now a quick plug — these “dump” programs and many others are currently circulating on the NASDOS USERS GROUP DISKS (yes, two!).

Yours truly, Colin Case, Rugby.

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