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Spring 1985, Volume 4, Issue 1

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Index file loader for Dbase M-80 17 May 1985 21:53 PAGE 1-1

co7c 01 000B ld be, 11 COTF ED BO ldir C081 DS push de co82 18 E8 jr srch C084 D1 schdon: pop de ; Mark the end of the lis! C085 AF xor a co86 12 ld (de) ,a ; Now copy out the files C087 21 cloD ld hl, save ; Point to the list CO8A OES push hl . CO8B cD coco copylp: call clr ; Clear the fcbs CO8E 3A C003 ld _a,(dstdrv) ‘; Copy dest. drive to fob; C091 32 C027 Id (feb2},a C094 El pop hl coos E5 push hi C096 TE ld a, (hl) ; Test for all done cooT B7 or a C098 28 17 jr z, copydn CO9A 11 co05 ld de,fcbl+1 ; Copy the name to febl coop 01 0008 ld bc, 11 CoAO ED BO ldir ‘ COA2 El pop hl ; Copy the name to fcb2 COAS ll co28 ld de, fob2+1 COAG 01 000B ld be, 11 COoAg ED BO ldir COAB ES push hi ; Save the list pointer coac cD cocB call copy COAF 18 DA jr copylp

; All done, so go home

cOBL El copydn: pop hl ; Clear the stack ..

COB2 cg ret ; .. and go home ; Subroutines ; Locate file in directory list

COBS 87 loc: add a,a

COB4 87 add a,a

COBS 87 add a,a

COBG 87 add a,a

COB? 87 add a,a

cOBs 26 00 ld h,0

COBA 6F ld lla

COBB 11 0081 ld de, dmat+1

COBE 1g add hi,de

COBF cg ret

; Clear out fcbl and fcb2

coco AF clr: xor a

cocl 06 3A la b,start-foblb coc3 21 colo ld hl, feblb coce 77 clirl: 1d (hl),a

COc7 23 inc hl

coce 10 FC djnz elrl

COCA cg ret

5 coh

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