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Spring 1985, Volume 4, Issue 1

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eee atone


Index file loader for Dbase M-80 17 May 1985

; Copy the named file

21:53 PAGE 12

coce 1l c027 copy: Id de, feb2 : See if destination .. COCE OE OF ld c,opnfil ; .. file already exists .. copo CD 0005 call bdes cOD3 FE FF ep Offh cop5 28 08 jr z,copyl CODT ll 8027 ld de, fob2 . if so, delete it GODA OE 13 ld c,delfil cope CD 0005 call bdos CcODF ll C027 copyl: 1d de, feb2 ; Now make the destination file COE2 OE 16 ld c,makfil COE4 cD 0005 call bdos COE7 11 co04 ld de, fcbi ; Open the source file COEA OE OF ld c,opnfil COEC cD 0005 call bdos ; The copy loop COEF 11 C004 copye: ld de, febl ; Read block into dma core OE 14 ld c,rdfil COF4 cD 0005 call bdos cor7 BT or a ; Test for end core 20 OA jr nz, copy3 COFA 1l C027 ld de, fob2 ; Write out the buffer cOoFD OE 15 1d o,wrfil COFF cD 0005 call bdos c102 18 EB jr copy2 C104 11 C027 copys: ld de, feb2 ; File end, so close it C107 OE 10 ld e,clsfil c109 cD 0005 call bdos c10c cg ret ; Workspace for file names list cioD save: end Index file loader for Dbase N-80 17 May 1985 21:53 PAGE s Macros: Symbols: 0005 BDOS coco CLR coce CLR1 0010 CLSFIL coce COPY CODF COPY1 COEF cOoPY2 C104 COPYS COBL COPYDN CO8B COPYLP 0013 DELFIL 0080 DMA C003 DSTDRV c004 FCB1 co05 FCBIA C010 FCB1B c027 FCB2 COB3 LOC 0016 MAKFIL oooFr OPNFIL 0014 RDFIL c1oD SAVE C084 SCHDON OO1A SETDMA co6c SRCH 0011 SRCHFST 0012 SRCHNXT CO4A START 0015 WRFIL

No Fatal error(s) % Routine to move index files


@ 18,0 SAY “Copying indexes to the M: drive, please wait.”

This is an OCR’d version of the scanned page and likely contains recognition errors.

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