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February-April 1981, Issue 3

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CRT Speed Error

For those readers who have not been able to get my CRT display speed control working (see last issue), please curse no more, there is a misprint or two. Corrections as follows: In BASIC line 20, the third data item should be 3187 NOT 31187. Also, under "To EXECUTE FROM NAS-SYS:" “TABLE Address’ should be 077E NOT OC7E.

Otherwise all is in order and I expect most have solved the difficulties anyway (1!)

No hard feelings, Dave Lorde, Pontyclun

PS Issue 2 was excellent. Can this go on?

More Thanks

This is a letter of thanks for your efforts over the past year.

In my opinion, the INMC80 News is indispensible to a Nascom owner. As it seems to be almost impossible to get any technical information from Nascom, INMC80 is the only source left to us.

Thanks to my membership of INMC80 last year I now have a Nascom 2 which runs at 4MHz without wait states and will also run cassette in/out at 2400 baud with no errors! I also have made use of the INKEY, REPEAT and ‘PRINT USING’ routines and have several very interesting M/C code program on tape.

All the above I would never of heard of without INMC80s: once again – many thanks and long may you prosper! How do you do it for the price?

One last point – I have just finished entering the Space Invaders prog. in INMC80-2 and whilst I find it very good indeed I do not like the use of the ‘A’ and *X’ Keys for Base Movement – also it runs too fast for me even at Novice level! Please, can you publish in the next mag. details of how to: (1) slow it down, and (2) change the left and right movement keys as, in spite of David Hunt’s excellent articles on Z80 Assembler programming I doubt if I shall ever understand enough to attempt such alterations on my own

W. Squires (yet another Dodo), Cambridge. Ed – I’m sorry, but we don’t have a source listing of the Space Invaders, so cannot

advise on any mods – anybody disassembled it yet and can answer?


Please find enclosed a patch to one of your free progs.- SCORING PATCH FOR “CiJASE™ ADDS SCORING GF GAMES FOR FACF SIDE IM HeBIRKETTS CAME CF “CKRASE™ (SEE INMC ISSUE 4e} MD33934235 TOC C3 C& OD


This is an OCR’d version of the scanned page and likely contains recognition errors.

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