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September 1980 – January 1981, Issue 2

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INMC 80 NEWS Issue: 2

September 1980
– January 1981



Page 1This is it.
Page 2Chairman’s Letter.
Page 4Letters to the Editor.
Page 12PASCAL Special Interest Group.
Page 13Disks and the Nascom.
Page 16Hardware Review.
  Screen Control Unit.
Page 17Doctor Dark’s Diary – 7.
Page 21New Programs and Back Issues.
Page 22Adding extra keys to an N1.
  Correction to I/O Board Review.
Page 24BASIC Holiday.
Page 25Classified Ads.
Page 26Teach Yourself Z80 – Part 2.
Page 31Free Progs.
  Assembler – LOAD and TAB.
Page 34  BASIC – Calender.
Page 36Nascom RAM with Schizophrenia.
Page 37Protecting Program Variables.
Page 40Software Reviews.
  Integer PASCAL.
Page 43  MAPP 1–4Z.
Page 44  Parkinson BASIC Toolkit.
Page 45IMPERSONAL Column.
Page 46Book Reviews.
  “Practical Microcomputer Programming”
Page 47  “Z80 and 8080 Assembly Language”
Page 48Software Review.
  Two BASIC Toolkits.
Page 49“PRINT USING” Routine.
Page 52Software Review.
  Watkins BASIC Toolkit.
Page 54INMC80 Subscription Form.
Page 56Free Programs.
  Machine Code – SIMP.
Page 57  Machine Code – SPACE INVADERS.
Pages 53/54/55Advertisements.

PLEASE NOTE. INMC80’s Amersham address is used by INMC80 purely as a postbox. It is not possible for personal or telephone callers to obtain any INMC80 services.

PLEASE ALSO NOTE. INMC80 is run by a voluntary committee on a part-time basis, and it is not possible for us to become involved in technical correspondence. Please contact your NASCOM distributor for this.

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